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Not your typical power trip

If you could halve your energy bills in the next five years, you would – wouldn’t you? Giving you access to 100% renewable electricity, sustainable green gas and the option to offset carbon emissions is just the start. By putting you in control of how you generate, store and ultimately use renewable energy - we plan to slash your bills and help you become part of the switched-on future of energy. Cheaper bills and greener energy at the same time - what's not to like?

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Next generation clean energy

Our aim is to connect you to new technologies and innovative ways to power your home, so that we can make dirty energy a thing of the past.

With energy prices continuing to hike up year on year, you would be forgiven for thinking you have no choice but to keep paying more for energy from the grid.

We want to radically change that and give our members the chance to be part of the clean energy future, sooner.


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Powering the Home of the Future

For us, the Home of the Future consists of innovative products that work together to put you in control of the energy you use. Solar panels, in-home battery storage, and electric vehicle charging collaborating to power every part of your world. The Home of the Future is yours to create today. Start with what works for you.

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A hub of energy in Birmingham

As a team of energy sector specialists we’ve seen the best and worst of what the industry has to offer. Focused solely on price, the big energy providers have delivered consistently poor service while failing to innovate in the clean technology that the world desperately needs.

We want to change that. Our team of Birmingham based product experts have hand-picked the best in solar, in-home battery and electric vehicle charging technologies. At Tonik Energy, we put them at your fingertips.

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