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Our gas and electricity

While our big ambition is to halve your energy bills by 2022, by enabling you to produce your own energy, we also want to make sure if you need to take energy from the grid it's renewable and affordable. We aim to offer the best value green tariffs on the market and some of the cheapest full stop. To find out about our different tariffs, please take a look at our tariffs page.

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100% renewable electricity

All of our tariffs include 100% renewable electricity which is guaranteed and backed with Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates - evidence that this electricity has been produced from a carbon neutral, renewable source. The REGOs provide a record of each unit of electricity our members have used, which we have replaced by buying (and pumping back into the grid) a unit generated from renewable sources.

In the last year our renewable electricity sources were 68% from wind and 32% from solar.

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Our green gas

We offer all our members the option to include 10% green gas in their tariff – that means we ensure that 10% of the gas that you buy comes from renewable sources. Green gas, also known as biomethane, is produced by animal and vegetation waste, and therefore is not vegan. The process of generating this biogas helps to reduce household emissions, enabling our members to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Want to go carbon neutral?

We can enable you to go carbon neutral with your energy supply. Our Greenest tariff offsets the remaining 90% of fossil fuel generated gas by investing in projects which fund the equivalent reduction in carbon emissions elsewhere.

For these projects we receive carbon offset certificates which are verified under the CDM* Gold Standard, or the VCS** scheme or similar. Under these mechanisms, all projects must meet strict criteria regarding their carbon dioxide emission reduction and local benefits and are subject to stringent audits.

*Clean Development Mechanism  **Voluntary Carbon Standard

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