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2019 – A Milestone for Renewable Energy

Jan 8, 2020 - 2min read

Britain hit another renewable energy milestone at the end of 2019, generating 22% of the country’s energy needs, increased from 19% the prior year. The main contributor to this was wind power, proving that the efforts to move the UK into a carbon neutral country are having an effect.

This also means that the reliance on fossil fuels, such as coal, has decreased significantly since 2010, from 35% to just 3%. Although natural gas still provides the lion’s share of energy at 48%, as renewable energy sources improve and increase, we may see the need for this fossil fuel recede as well.

Data provided by Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

We’re more energy efficient

What’s more, Britain has consumed less energy since 2006, showing trends in improved energy efficiency, such as smart electrical systems, LED lighting and infrastructure. As the UK pushes towards phasing out internal combustion engines completely by 2040, we will see an even further fall in fossil fuel usage. Contributing towards the decarbonisation goals of the future, EV sales are predicted to grow throughout 2020 as they become more accessible with the roll out of new electric models from leading car manufacturers.

Data provided by Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

What’s to come

Britain will undoubtedly see more fossil fuel consumption phased out throughout 2020. Last year we achieved 83 days without coal, with expectations to go even further this year. New and existing housing will adopt more Solar PV reducing the demand on the energy grid. Offshore windfarms will also gain a bigger share of input for the country’s power needs with the completion of the Hornsea project as well as other wind and tidal energy plans.

Doing our part

Tonik are committed to helping our customers reduce their fossil fuel consumption with 100% renewable electricity, greener gas, EV chargers and solar power, so this news is huge encouragement that we’re seeing tangible strides to decarbonization. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without or members and their conscious decision to switch to green energy.

“This progress clearly shows that the UK is committed to its climate goals. The past decade has shown huge strides and investment into renewable energy sources and we’re proud to be a part of this. Tonik Energy will continue to not only deliver green energy to UK homes, but provide wider solutions to reduce carbon output.”

Steve Springett, CMO

We’ll be looking forward to a greener, cleaner 2020!

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