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5 documentaries you NEED to watch this World Environment Day

Jun 5, 2019 - 4min read

It’s World Environment Day, an annual event created by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Created in 1974, World Environment Day is celebrated in over 100 countries and each year it has a different theme and host country where official celebrations take place.

This year, the celebrations are hosted by China and the theme is air pollution. Follow the action this 5th June with the official hashtag #BeatAirPollution and #WorldEnvironmentDay.

Whether you’re spending your day growing vegetables on an allotment or working 9-5 in a skyscraper, take some time this evening to explore how wonderful our planet is and what we can do to protect it with these five environmentally focused documentaries.

From endangered animals to the brutal reality of the fashion industry, these five documentaries will change the way you see the world.

“Our planet”

From the vibrant rainforest to the icy arctic, join environmental veteran David Attenborough on a journey into the wild, meet the native animal dwellers and learn what we can do to protect the earth’s remaining wilderness areas. Filmed over four years, in 50 countries, this is a breathtaking (Netflix backed) look at the natural world.

Starring: David Attenborough
Produced By: Netflix

Why watch? For a unique insight into our breathtakingly beautiful natural world and why it needs to be protected.

The True Cost

Director Andrew Morgan travelled to thirteen countries to find out the truth behind fast fashion. From exploited workers to polluted water, this hard-hitting documentary introduces you to the people that make your clothes and illustrates why your £3.99 t-shirts come at a much greater cost.

Director: Andrew Morgan

Why Watch? Discover why sustainable fashion is so important by meeting the people and places behind your clothes.

A Plastic Ocean

If you’re annoyed about the lack of plastic straws in your local pub, this documentary will change your mind. Director Craig Leeson dives into the reality of our plastic-filled oceans, shows how plastic is harming our animals and crops, and discusses what we can do to save the sea. Watching a seal trapped by plastic can holders is upsetting, but it is a sad reality of what’s happening in our blue planet.

Director: Craig Leeson

Why Watch?Want a reason to buy a metal straw? This documentary will make you forsake plastic forever.

Under The Dome

This self-financed 2015 Chinese documentary film by Chai Jing explores the realities of air pollution in China and the impact it is having on people’s health and wellbeing.  In the documentary, Chai talks to government officials goes inside factories and implores the people to take action to promote cleaner air in the future. Under The Dome was banned in mainland China a few months after its release.

Director: Chai Jing

Why Watch? This year's World Environmental Day is hosted in China and focuses on air pollution, so what better documentary to provide context and promote action?

An Inconvenient Truth

It may be a bit dated, but this 2006 documentary has never felt more relevant. If you were worried about last year's lack of rain and subsequent yellow grass, or this year's February heatwave, this Oscar-winning documentary will confirm your suspicions and motivate you to help save the planet before it’s too late. Join former presidential candidate Al-Gore as he lays out the truth about man-made global warming and what this means for our future.

Director: Davis Guggenheim

Why Watch? The future is literally at stake.

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