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Building the home of the future today

Sep 12, 2017 - 3min read

Imagine a future in which you can generate your own electricity at home. Imagine you can store that energy to use at a time of day that saves you the most money. Imagine you can plug an electric car into your home and use that cheap, renewable electricity to charge your car.

That isn’t the future – it’s now.

We are uniting three core technologies in our drive to halve your energy bills by 2022, drawing on our industry expertise to deliver a renewable energy supply chain that is entirely and intelligently integrated into your home.

Solar panels:


We have done the hard work for you by assessing and sourcing the best available products that can be reliably installed by our partners so you can generate your own electricity with industry-leading efficiency. Our installers will ensure that your panels are wired up to harvest energy as efficiently and as safely as possible – giving you the peace of mind that your solar system is working exactly how it should.

Battery storage:


A battery in the home allows for flexible use of electricity, so you can charge it with solar power (or off-peak energy from the grid), and discharge it at peak times to save money. It also means that a much higher proportion of the energy you generate will be kept within your home, so you’ll be less dependent on needing to pay for additional energy from the grid.

EV charging points:


We facilitate the installation of electric vehicle charging points directly into your home, allowing you to use self-generated electricity from your battery as well as market-leadingly cheap, 100% renewable energy from the grid at off-peak times. Not only can they charge your car quicker than traditional sockets, but they do so without the same risk thanks to their built-in safety feature.

Through the combination of solar panels and battery storage in conjunction with the most suitable tariff, you stand to save £408 a year.* On top of this, you can make dramatic savings from charging an electric vehicle. An EV costs an average of 2p per mile to run compared to 12-15p for a petrol or diesel car** – and with a Tonik night rate, you can further ensure you charge up your car at the lowest prices possible.


Going with the experts:

As a team of passionate renewable energy experts, we take an immense amount of pride in having considered, assessed and sourced the best tech and partners for our members. By doing so we are empowering our members to generate and save as much energy as possible – ensuring we provide you with access to competitively priced deals that best suit your needs.

We also partner with the safest and most conscientious installers across the country, so that wherever you live we can guarantee your tech is fitted to the most exacting of standards. From wiping our feet when we step into your home, to neatly mounting solar panels on your roof with meticulous precision – we are committed to the highest standards of quality and safety in every aspect of your installation.

And don’t worry if you’ve already started investing in micro-grid technologies. Depending on what you already have, we can offer the best battery, EV or solar products to complete your integrated home – all while fine-tuning your current setup to ensure everything is working as efficiently as possible.

What next?

So there you have it. The next step on your journey towards increased independence from the grid and a move that will play a major part in halving your energy bills.


*Our analysis of solar PV, smart ‘time of use’ tariffs and battery storage indicates savings of up to 35%; based on an average £1,165 energy bill.
**Source: Energy Saving Trust


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