A collection of eco-friendly objects including to reusable straws and cutlery and mugs.

Eco Trends: October

Oct 18, 2018 - 3min read

While there are tonnes of big changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint such as switching from a petrol car to an EV, or generating your own electricity; there are also lots of little changes you can make too. So, in the first of our new series celebrating the latest eco trends, here are a few products to help you become just that little bit greener.  

But First, Coffee

Did you know a whopping 7 million disposable cups are used, and thrown away, every day in the UK. But if you need caffeine in your life, fear not, you can get yourself a trendy reusable coffee thermos or flask. Our fave brand is KeepCup. This Australian company offers cups in loads of different styles and sizes. They’re made from durable BPA-free plastic that can be recycled at the end of its lifespan, making them better for you and the environment. Switching to a reusable cup will keep you looking cool and your coffee hot.

It’s In The Bag

The next thing on our eco-trendy list is, of course, the reusable bag. Even though plastic bags have only been in popular use for around 50 years, just one takes around 1000 years to fully decompose. Who has time for that? Enter the bag-for-life, the green alternative to carrying your shopping home. You could either opt for the bags sold at your local supermarket or look really swanky with one of these. Made from ethically sourced cotton and canvas and produced in a carbon neutral factory, these bags are eco-friendly, cost effective and 100% more stylish than plastic.

Don’t Go Chasing Water Bottles

We’re all for keeping the oceans clean and interestingly enough you can help to do that by changing the way your drink water. Did you know that around 5 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away every year in the UK? That’s definitely not cool. You know what is? This elephant printed water bottle from Chilly’s. Chilly’s offers a range of bottles in different styles and patterns, all of which keep your water colder for longer and keep you from buying single use plastic.

Suck it up

Speaking of drinking, have you ever noticed that straws suck? Just over 8 billion plastic straws are thrown away every year in the UK. So what’s the alternative, drinking without a straw? Sure, that’s one way to do it. Or, next time you’re out for a drink with your pals you could show them what an eco-warrior you are by refusing the plastic straw that comes with your G&T and produce this handy reusable one! These straws are made from a durable BPA-free silicone and come with their own pipe cleaner making them a cinch to wash.


If you’re a hip, modern person you probably lead a full and fast-paced life. This’ll mean you’re often eating on the go which can often involve a lot of plastic packaging and cutlery. Plastic knives and forks are just a few of the things that contribute to 70% of synthetic waste clogging up the ocean. This past summer Network Rail announced they will be banning retailers from providing plastic cutlery at stations by 2020. So why not get ahead of the curve and buy this set of bamboo cutlery to use out and about. Bamboo is a plentiful, renewable and all-natural material that is also biodegradable. It’s the perfect choice for cutlery when you’re dining al fresco.

And there you have it, five easy ways to keep up to date with the latest eco-trends. So go on, get out there and show your friends how stylish saving the planet can look. You never know, you could be the next eco-trend setter.