Engage with your energy supplier

Engage with your energy supplier

May 22, 2017 - 2min read

Figures from the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) paint a picture of a stagnant energy market in which 70% of consumers are disengaged with their energy supply, signed up to the most expensive ‘default’ tariffs available from the big six and collectively overspending to the tune of £1.7bn a year.

There are two possible conclusions that can be drawn from this: customers are either unaware of the savings they can make if they shop around, or wary of the process of switching providers, assuming it must be an extremely difficult and time-consuming chore characterised by complicated tariffs, complex pricing and convoluted renewals.

One MP earlier this year went as far as describing consumers’ relationships with their energy providers as “abusive”, saying that “I can’t believe customers are being beaten black and blue all the time and yet stay with their existing providers.”

Peter Morey, head of campaigns at Which?, has been quoted as saying that “The energy market is still far from working effectively for consumers. Energy prices remain consumers’ number one financial concern. The only sector distrusted more in Which?’s latest research is used car dealers.”

Yes, the process of changing suppliers can seem dauntingly complex, beset with potential pitfalls that could lead to the wrong decision. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

For one thing, we have done everything within our power to make switching to Tonik as easy as possible for consumers, by promising a reliable, hassle-free switchover within twenty-one days and signing up to the Energy Switch Guarantee.

When it comes to trust, we are proud to have been given a 9.1 rating by our users on the leading – and aptly-named – review site Trustpilot. We understand that a decision as big as changing your energy supply can be stressful. So we go out of our way to provide excellent, honest customer service.

The CMA report also found that the average consumer can save £300 a year by switching providers, and our own customers’ experiences bear this out: the average saving for those signing up to Tonik before 7th January 2017 was £353. What’s more, in a market with over 50 energy suppliers, we have been named more than once by Which? as having one of the cheapest renewable energy tariffs available.

In short, you can rest assured that Tonik is committed to delivering value for money alongside an impeccable service.

But, just as importantly, we are dedicated to the goal of enabling customers to be more engaged with their energy supply than ever before, by using technology and insightful data to help cut energy waste (and, by extension, costs) by as much as possible. In fact, it’s our stated aim to empower our customers to halve their bills by 2022.

There’s really no need to fear making a change, and it’s clear that the benefits of finding a better deal are there for the taking. And, if you’re keen to cut your bills while driving towards a more sustainable future fuelled by renewable energy, then Tonik Energy could be the right supplier for you.