Tonik team meet Homeserve team.

Green energy with built-in peace of mind

Nov 26, 2018 - 2min read

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve signed a brand spanking new partnership with HomeServe! We’re offering a way for Tonik members to take further control of their home energy ecosystems - by making sure that you’re protected against any problems that might arise with the boiler, cables, and pipes that enable renewable electricity and green gas to power your home; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We already empower our members to invest in clean technologies like solar panels, electric vehicle chargers and battery storage - helping households to take control by generating and storing their own renewable energy, as well as charging up their electric vehicles.

“The new propositions we’ve designed with HomeServe allow us to give our members better peace of mind,” says Steve Springett, our Product Director. “We all love it when everything works together as it should, but in the event that it doesn’t, our members can now call a HomeServe engineer to get them back up-and-running.”

HomeServe already look after over 2.2 million homes across the UK, with their national network of engineers who are known for working tirelessly in the field and having a sterling reputation for no-quibble call-outs and repairs. And this is exactly why we’re working with HomeServe - who better than one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers to provide our members with a range of home cover options from boiler, central heating, electrics to plumbing.   

Life is busy enough, without having to deal with unexpected problems like these at home. It’s really important that as a Tonik member you know where to turn for help if you have a problem. So if you’re caught in a jam - your electricity cuts off, your heating conks out, or your boiler is throwing a tantrum - HomeServe are the guys who will sort it out, with no (or at least very few) questions asked.

“We’re all about helping our members become more switched-on users of energy,” says Steve. “The first part of that journey is cleaning up what you power your home with - which is why we offer 100% renewable electricity and green gas to our members.

“Once you’ve made that switch,” says Steve, “one of the most sensible steps you can take can be to make sure the cables, pipes, and other fittings that allow that energy to flow through your home are well looked after.”

So not only are we helping you look after the environment; we want to help you protect those comforts that make your house a home.

Find out more about our home cover options - from boiler, central heating, electrics to plumbing - available from Tonik and HomeServe here.