Two planes, one green, one purple.

Green Tech Briefing: 10th October

Oct 10, 2018

From hydrogen-powered aeroplanes to potato packaging, the green revolution shows no signs of slowing down or indeed ceasing to surprise us. Tonik's MD, Chris Russell, picks five of his favourite eco-friendly stories over the past few weeks.

Electric Edinburgh

Worried about your electric car running out of charge mid journey? Edinburgh is quite literally taking charge of this issue. On October 4th, a new plan to introduce 211 new charging points in Scotland’s capital was brought before the city's councillors. The number of newly registered ultra-low emission vehicles in Scotland has increased by 64% in the past year alone and, by 2023, it is estimated that there will be 10,000 personal and commercial electric vehicles roaming Edinburgh’s streets.

Flying Green Energy

Imagine a world full of eco-friendly aeroplanes. Well, while we’re still a little way off electric planes flying us to Majorca, a new initiative by Singapore company HES Energy Systems is a step in the right direction. HES is working on the very first regional hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft and they plan to have it up and running by 2025. Refuelling these planes will take just ten minutes and could be powered by a solar refuelling system. If the hydrogen plane is a success, it could herald a new age of environmentally friendly air travel.

Potatoes Are The New Paper

Treating yourself to a chippie tea? Soon, your delicious potato dinner could be wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Tonnes of potato peel is wasted by chip companies, so Italian designers Simone Caronni, Paolo Stefano Gentile and Pietro Gaeli have utilised the discarded potato waste to create biodegradable chip packaging. Aptly named ‘Peel Saver’, the packaging is made out of potato peel which can be re-used as compost, fertiliser or even a tasty animal treat.

Yay For Norway!

Norway has officially embraced the electric car revolution with 45% of their new cars powered by electric energy. 10,620 new passenger cars were registered in Norway during September and about 45% of those were electric, plus the number goes up to 60% if you count hybrid cars! The Nordic country is already seeing a difference in their CO2 emissions, which are at an all time low of 55g per km, 16 km lower than they were last year. Norway aims to go fully electric by 2025 and we’re sure they’ll make it, so let’s follow their example and #GoGreen!

Bright Ideas For A Green Future

Renewable energy is definitely in vogue. The world saw 14,800 renewable energy patents filed in 2017, a 45% increase from 10,500 in 2016. UK commercial law firm EMW also found that patents for green alternatives have doubled since 2013, meaning more inventors and corporations are seeking eco-friendly alternatives for a more sustainable future. This is partly due to renewable energy becoming cheaper to utilise, but it is also because of people like you who are urging big companies to get on the (electrically powered) green bandwagon.