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Green Tech Briefing: 11th June

Jun 11, 2019 - 3min read

From airplanes powered by non-recyclable waste to an eco-friendly 007 , discover our favourite eco-friendly news stories that we learnt about in May.

Non-recyclable waste could clean up air travel

Airplanes make up 2% of all global emissions, and this number is set to triple by 2050,  but luckily a team of engineers at University College London are looking into ways of making air travel more eco-friendly. The team is proposing a way of turning non-recyclable household waste into methanol and to create a fuel which could power long haul flights without producing any C02 emissions. There’s still a way to go but British Airways has awarded the engineers a £25,000 award and has committed to developing the solution, which brings us a little closer to green travel and cleaner skies!

The name’s Bond, eco-friendly Bond

Did you know that just one hour’s worth of TV content produces 13 tonnes of carbon dioxide? Drama is one of the biggest culprits, according to Bafta’s industry-backed sustainability project, Albert. Clearly, it’s time for film and TV producers to make the process greener which is why the latest film in the Bond franchise has employed a sustainability consultant to ensure greener practices on set.

Electric car charging overtakes fuel

For the first time ever, electric vehicle charging sites outnumber fuel stations in the UK, according to Zap-Map. There are currently 8,471 EV charging sites, complete with 13,613 chargers, while there are only 8,400 fuel stations as of April 2019. We are expecting to see over a million EV’s in the UK by 2022, so get on board the environmentally friendly train and find out which EV is right for you.

Atlanta plans to use 100% green energy by 2035

Only 6-8% of Atlanta’s energy currently comes from eco-friendly sources but the city has a big ambition: to go completely green by 2035. Amol Naik, Atlanta's chief resilience officer, admits that the journey to renewable energy won’t be easy, but they will start small by insulating old homes and installing energy efficient lighting. If plans are fully implemented, the green energy sector could create 8,000 jobs and lower electricity prices to benefit Atlanta’s low-income communities. Here’s to more green cities for a brighter future!

Cornwall children do their bit for the environment

Children in Cornwall have made 25,469 eco-friendly journeys, preventing 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere after cycling charity Sustrans encouraged the children to walk, cycle or take their scooter to school instead of being driven by their parents. 21 schools in Cornwall took part in the initiative and two schools, Berrycombe School in Bodmin and Threemilestone School near Truro, won a special recognition trophy for their efforts.

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