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Green Tech Briefing: 15th January

Jan 15, 2019 - 2min read

From  turning plastic bottles into cash to running hotels on battery power, here is a roundup of our favourite green news stories which highlight how exciting 2019 is already turning out to be!

A Tree Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas!
The mulled wine is empty, the mince pies are munched and your tree is lying on the street outside - Christmas is well and truly over! So now for the  all important question: what do you do with the tree? Instead of abandoning your festive friend to landfill, consider recycling, replanting or giving it to charity. Remember: your tree is for life, not just for Christmas! Find out more here.

The Future Is Green
Did you know that one-third of all globally produced food is wasted? The majority of this comes from our homes! Ovie, a Chicago-based startup have developed a range of ‘smart tags’ on tupperware and food bag clips, using technology from the Internet of Things which can check whether or not food is still safe to eat. The tags use a colour coding system to show the status of the food: with green for fresh and red for expired. This is just one of the exciting innovations showcased at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which took place last week. Find out more here.

Eco-Friendly Edinburgh!
Longing for an eco-friendly weekend getaway to Scotland’s beautiful capital? You’re in luck! A Premier Inn located in the outskirts of Edinburgh has announced a new green initiative: they have installed a five-tonne lithium ion battery to power their 200-room hotel! This trial will initially power the rooms for three hours at a time and, if all goes well, it will help Scotland half their carbon footprint by 2025! Not only is this initiative an important step towards a more eco-friendly world, but it could also save the hotel £20,000 a year! Find out more here.

How To Be An Eco-Warrior Without Trying Too Hard
Want to do your bit for the planet without drastically changing your lifestyle? Not sure how to reduce your carbon footprint without quitting your job, leaving your house and moving to the woods? You don’t have to completely change your life to become more eco-friendly: there are plenty of small, easy and non-drastic steps you can take for a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. From buying a reusable coffee cup to turning down the heating, it really is easy being green! Find out more here.

Turn Your Trash Into Cash!
How much money are 311,500 plastic bottles worth? Would you believe it if I told you the answer was £30,000?  You might scoff, but it’s true! Supermarket chain Iceland piloted a vending machine scheme in four locations throughout the UK to discourage littering and to promote recycling. The scheme, which was launched in June 2018, rewards people with 10p for every water bottle they put in the machine. This initiative, which has been particularly popular with children, is now being adopted by Tesco, Co-Op and Morrisons. This isn’t the first time that Iceland has hit headlines for banging the green drum: last Christmas, the supermarket-chain's TV advert featured "Rang-tan" - a displaced orangutan living in a little girl's bedroom after it's home in the forest, was destroyed in the quest for palm oil. The ad was created with Greenpeace to protest the consequences palm oil is having on wildlife. Find out more here.