A row of eco-friendly ice creams

Green Tech Briefing: 15th June

Jun 15, 2018 - 2min read

Welcome to the latest instalment of Tonik’s Green Tech Briefing. This week Tonik’s MD, Chris Russell, talks planet-friendly fast food, solar-powered schools and eco-friendly sports cars.

Fully Charged Live

Last weekend, Team Tonik were at Fully Charged Live - the UK’s electric vehicle and renewable energy event of the year. Product Director, Steve Springett wrote an excellent wrap up about the event, Top 5 takeaways from Fully Charged Live.

Waste Not, Want Not

A rubbish restaurant has literally popped up in trendy Manhattan, and it’s big news. This zero-waste bistro is built from recycled packaging, and they compost all their waste food. It has been created by Restaurant Nolla from Helsinki which was the very first Nordic zero-waste eatery. Don’t worry, the food isn’t recycled – you won’t be eating someone else’s leftovers – the menu has an emphasis on using local ingredients creatively.

Carbon Positive Burger

We hope you’re hungry for more sustainable food news! With many people choosing to omit red meat from their diets in a bid to be more environmentally-friendly, Swedish chain Max Burger is trying to make fast-food have a long-term positive impact. In addition to introducing plenty of plant-based options to their menu, Max Burger has looked at their carbon footprint and are planting enough trees to counteract their emissions. That’s a happy meal in our book.

New Energy In The Classroom

Discovery Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia is powered by 1,700 solar panels. Not only this, but students are equipped with iPads to monitor the solar panels and gain a practical understanding of how they work. The school itself is a building you can learn from - you don’t just have to rely on what’s happening in the classroom.

Ben And Jerry Go Low Emissions

Ben and Jerry’s are trialling a carbon offsetting scheme using blockchain technology at their Wardour Street store. Payment via blockchain technology means that customers pay a surcharge to conservation projects. Over the last three weeks more than 1,000 trees have been protected. We thought that Ben and Jerry’s couldn’t get any more delicious, but their commitment to conservation leaves a very good taste in the mouth.

Lamborghini’s Eco-Friendly Sports Car

Lamborghini partnered with MIT to produce the Terzo Millennio, sports car of the future. Unsatisfied with using the same models as companies like Tesla, Nissan or Jaguar, Lamborghini needed to create a car with top speeds above 186mph. The weight and size of the battery prevents the sports car from reaching those heights, so the engineers have pioneered rechargeable body panels for the car itself. This is a turbo-charged leap forward for the future of electric sports cars.