Two electric rickshaws in green.

Green Tech Briefing: 17th April

Apr 17, 2018 - 2min read

This week our MD, Chris Russell, is feeling inspired by positive messages to save the planet, electric rickshaws and a huge drop in the number of plastic bags littering the sea bed. He may also be booking flights to Rimini in Italy. Want to find out why? Read on…

Fighting climate change with a smile

The Ecologist does a fantastic job of discussing positive messaging in fighting climate change. This is something that we at Tonik have always followed: clean energy is #PositiveEnergy after all. Though the challenges we face are huge, so much progress is being made every day. With advanced sustainable technology, better public education and a whole community motivating each other on social media we stand to gain so much.

Electric rickshaws to reduce smog in Dhaka

Electric rickshaws are entering the market in many Asian cities including Dhaka in Bangladesh and Kathmandu in Nepal. Bicycle pedicabs are being taken off the roads but only to be replaced by more cars, contributing to high levels of air pollution. That is until a team decided to develop an electric rickshaw, the BuddhaPedalPower. Not only is the bike environmentally friendly, but allows drivers living in poverty to work a longer day. With each rickshaw driver supporting a family of around 6 people we aren’t just saving the planet…

Plastic bags on the seabed drops by 30% since 5p charge

Did you know that the average person has cut their usage of plastic bags down from 140 to just 25 per year? This has all happened since England became the last UK nation to introduce the 5p bag charge in 2015. Scientists estimate a whopping 30% drop in plastic bags littering the seabed in the same timeframe as the charges were introduced in European countries. That’s an astounding achievement, and shows just how much can be achieved with progressive, widespread environmental policies.

Portugal produces more renewable electricity than it can use

Congratulations – parabéns – Portugal! Portugal produced more renewable electricity than it was able to consume for the first time in March. This is encouraging news, as the country predicts renewables will be the source of mainland electricity by 2040. Portugal is not the only European country to set themselves an ambitious goal. Germany has committed to sourcing 80% of electricity from renewables by 2050. Meanwhile, Scandinavian superstars Denmark and Norway fulfil almost 100% of electricity needs from hydropower and geothermal heat.

Eco-house of the future

This might just be the coolest house I’ve ever seen. Architect Roberto Rossi is the designer of this octagonal house, mounted on a mechanical platform that allows it to rotate 360 degrees to direct the house’s solar panels towards the sun. It stands on a hillside near the city of Rimini in Italy. The house generates 100% of the energy it uses, and has a solar thermal system as well as the panels. If the owner ever needs a house-sitter I’m happy to take a short break from Tonik HQ, just saying…