Four footballs in Tonik colours

Green Tech Briefing 25th June

Jun 25, 2018 - 2min read

This week at Tonik we’re feeling sporty… well, ever since we learned about all the ways that the sports industry is having a sustainable makeover.

Beer Snakes Endangered

Have you been seeing less pints in plastic cups at sports matches? The British public haven’t suddenly abandoned their love of warm pints on a hot day, we’ve just decided not to impact the environment while doing so. With the premier league pledging to phase out single-use plastics over the next two years and Wimbledon banning plastic straws, sportsmanship is going sustainable.

‘Unsustainable? Uninspired.’ says Nike

Nike breaks new records with recyclable leather. Chief operating officer Eric Sprunk declared ‘there is no innovation without sustainability’ when introducing the world to Flyleather. Nike claims that this is the ‘lowest carbon’ (and, we imagine, most fashionable) footprint leather-material ever made.

Converting calories to kilowatts

We all know that one of the benefits of working out is feeling energised for the rest of the day, but what if you could power up a battery whilst working up a sweat? ECO-POWR fitness equipment takes the kinetic energy from gym bunnies and converts it into electricity. A single workout can produce 160-200 kilowatts per hour per unit of electricity (ok, maybe less when we’re feeling lazy…) That’s Monday motivation for you!

No Cutting Corners: The Square Mile Goes Green

The City of London will be meeting all of their energy needs from renewable sources by October this year. The ambition will be met with solar panels on all government buildings and investment in off-site renewable energy projects. The City of London is not doing things by halves either: 100% of energy needs will be met by renewables.

How Green is Your Alma Mater?

For the institutions shaping the bright young minds of the future generation, it’s only fitting that universities should be setting a sustainable example. This list counts through 17 of the greenest university campuses from around the world, and we’re excited to see representatives from the U.K. and Ireland featured. Is your Alma Mater on it?