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Green Tech Briefing: 30th April

Apr 30, 2019 - 2min read

From flying cars to electric railways, the past month has been full of eco-friendly innovations. Read on to discover the most exciting developments in green news!

New Electric Car Battery Breakthrough
Swedish startup Innolith has engineered a lithium-ion battery which could power a vehicle for 600 miles on a single charge. The battery design incorporates an ‘inorganic electrolyte’ apparently made out of a salt-like material. If trials are successful, this battery could power cars to travel twice as long as they currently can, although 200-300 miles on a single charge still isn’t too shabby! Want to find out more about electric cars currently on the market? There’s an EV for everyone…

Green Apple
Did you know that 44 of Apple’s suppliers are now using 100% renewable energy? The company says they have exceeded their goal of incorporating four gigawatts of renewable energy by 2020 and they plan to add another gigawatt before next year. In order to help their suppliers go green, Apple has set up educational platforms including the ‘Clean Energy Portal’: an online platform that helps suppliers identify green energy sources all over the world.

Chicago Makes Green History
Chicago made history last week by becoming the largest US city to commit to using 100% renewable energy by 2050. The city council unanimously passed a non-binding resolution to use 100% renewable energy in buildings by 2035 and electrify the city buses by 2040, according to the Sierra Club, which organised the ‘ready for 100’ green action campaign. We are so excited that Chicago is stepping up and helping make the world more eco-friendly!

Full Speed Ahead For Electric Railways In Wales
A project looking to electrify the railways in Wales has been given a £110,000 grant after winning the Rail Safety and Standards Board's 'Intelligent Power Solutions to Decarbonise Rail' competition. The Green Valley Lines initiative will use the money to explore potential sites for community-owned solar, wind or hydroelectric generators which will help them electrify commuter lines in and out of Cardiff. We are happy to see green alternatives taking off!

Are Flying Cars The Future?
Flying cars could soon be a reality if Airbus, Boeing and NASA have their way, but what does that mean for the environment? To answer that question, researchers are looking into how practical electric flying cars would be in terms of cutting greenhouse gases. They concluded that for longer trips, i.e. those lasting longer than 22 miles, flying cars would outperform their land-based electric counterparts. While electric cars would not produce any greenhouse gases while in the air, their batteries would need to be charged by the electricity generated from a power plant. Land-based single occupancy cars outperformed flying cars for shorter journeys, so flying cars might not be the best choice for commuters or trips around town. Flying cars will, however, help break up congestion on our roads, leading to quicker journeys for all.

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