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Green Tech Briefing: 6th February

Feb 6, 2019 - 2min read

From insect protein to plogging, people all over the world are finding new ways to be environmentally friendly. Here is a round-up of our favourite green news stories!

Wales Gets Greener 
Wales is already famous for its luscious countryside and scenic hike routes, but now it’s time to tackle the urban areas. Newport East’s Labour AM John Griffiths says more green spaces in city areas could lead to better health, less pollution and a higher appreciation for nature which would encourage people to respect their environment and decrease littering as a result. 27 environmental projects have been given a total of £1 million by the Welsh Government.

Plog On 
Want to get fit and help the environment? Try plogging, the latest environmental fitness craze to hit London. Plogging, which is a mashup of the Swedish word plocka, meaning ‘to pick’ and the word ‘jogging’, encourages joggers to pick up abandoned litter while they run. London has a number of organised group plogging sessions which are free to sign up for, or if you’re not based in the capital (or just want to plog alone) then simply incorporate some litter picking into your regular jogging route. If you’re looking for some motivation to finally kick-start that New Year’s fitness regime, then get out and plog!

Samsung’s New Green Packages 
Tech giant Samsung is ditching their regular packaging in favour of eco-friendly materials. From the first half of 2019, Samsung is replacing plastic with biodegradable materials, plastic waste and other green alternatives like starch and cane sugar. In addition, Samsung is also changing their phone charger design from glossy to matt finish to further reduce their reliance on plastic. Well done Samsung, here’s to a plastic-free world!

Mmmm… insects 
If Veganuary has taught us anything, it’s that cutting down on our meat consumption can have a positive effect on the environment. Veganism isn’t always an option, however, especially if you happen to be a dog. There are around 9 million meat-eating canines in the UK and their diet is pushing up our greenhouse gases, but what’s the solution? Insect protein, according to Yora Pet Food. Their products have enough protein to suit a healthy canine diet, but with less greenhouse gas emissions. Whether your furry friend is up for it is another matter...

Half of UK drivers would like to become more environmentally friendly in 2019, according to AA research. Their poll also shows that 17% of drivers plan to use their car less and walk or cycle more, while 9% of respondents are looking to buy an electric or hybrid car. We’re excited that so many drivers are actively interested in reducing their carbon footprint: for all you need to know about eco-friendly cars, read ‘Thinking of going electric? There’s An EV for Everyone.’

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