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How To Install A Tesla Powerwall: A Step By Step Guide

Jul 1, 2019

So you're thinking about getting Tesla Powerwall - and why wouldn't you? Not only is it market leading, best-in-class technology, but it has an intuitive app and looks great too; it's got beauty and brains. 

Nonetheless, we can appreciate that it's a significant investment, so you want to make sure that you get it installed by people who really know what they're doing. After all, this home battery is going to become the heart of your household. Much like your boiler pumps hot water all over your house, your Tesla Powerwall is going to be the hub that manages how you use your electricity.

So we spoke to Richard Sloan, one of the project engineers from our award-winning, in-house installers The Phoenix Works, and find out what it takes to get the job done. Did we mention that he's a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer too?


Tech survey by a tech expert

“The customer pays a deposit for the battery up front, and that covers us going out to the site to prepare for the installation,” says Richard. “We have a look at what the situation is at the property, where the battery will go and how we’re going to connect it, along with checking the condition of the electrics.

“We do that in advance so that when our engineers turn up on site they know exactly what to expect and what’s going to need to be done; it all makes for a smooth, efficient installation.”


“A single Powerwall installation would be one day’s work,” says Richard, “probably just two of our engineers on site - because that’s how many people it takes to lift the battery!” 

Make space for the king of batteries

“One of the first jobs that might need to be done is clearing the space where the Powerwall will go, depending on whether the customer has cleared the space themselves,” says Richard. “For example, if it’s a cluttered garage wall we might need to - very carefully - move a few bits and pieces about. If we’re installing on an outside wall then this is less likely to be an issue.”

Putting your Powerwall in pride of place

“The next step is drilling the wall and fitting the metal bracket upon which the battery will be mounted,” says Richard. “Ideally, we’ll mount it at floor level so there’s more support - and because it’s a lot easier to do with something of that weight! - but it can be mounted some way up a wall if that’s what’s wanted. It’s fairly flexible as to where it goes.”

We love doing neat cables!

“After that, it’s really just about cabling work and cable containment,” says Richard. “So that’s basically plastic tubing, and making sure all the connections are nice and neat. It all depends where the battery is going in relation to the customer’s existing electrics, where their electricity meter is, where their solar has been installed. We’ve got to pick up these monitoring points and connect them to the Gateway unit, which is essentially the brain of Tesla Powerwall.” 

The handover - and the “WOW” moment

“Once the physical install has been completed, there is a commissioning process that we do with the customer at the very end, showing them what we’ve done and how to use it” says Richard. “We’re certified Tesla installers, so we use the Tesla Commissioning Wizard to set customers up with Powerwall.

“There are a couple of stages in that set-up process that require the customer, ideally, to be present. They have to read and agree to some onscreen T&Cs and put their contact details in. That associates that Powerwall with them, so at that point it immediately becomes theirs. If they’ve downloaded the Tesla App, they then have instant visibility of their live data on the app: how much or how little - hopefully - they are drawing from the grid, and how much of the solar generation is either going directly into the house, or into the battery, instead of going back to the grid.

“Most people, prior to a battery going in, won’t have that kind of visibility, and won’t know how much of their solar they are using. That’s when, during the installation, they open the app and you see them get this buzz: ““ooh yeah, I’ve got a battery now and I can see what’s going on!

“Best of all, we’ve now seen plenty of installations now where there is close to zero being taken from the grid. So if there’s nothing coming from the grid, that means you’re generating free, renewable electricity, and you’re not paying for any electricity from your supplier.”

By bringing together solar PV and Tesla Powerwall with expert installation from The Phoenix Works, we are decreasing our members’ energy bills, their reliance on the grid and their overall impact on the environment. It’s an energy revolution, and it’s working. 

Find out more here, or to book your Tesla Powerwall installation call The Phoenix Works on 0113 815 5366.

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