How we make sure our customers are always getting a great deal

How we make sure our customers are always getting a great deal

Mar 1, 2017 - 2min read

Making sure you get the right deal for you is really important to us here at Tonik. We’ve never believed in inflated Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs), or making switching so confusing that you’re not sure what’s the best tariff for you.

So, today, in response to consumer champion Which?’s fair energy prices campaign, we’re sharing some of the ways we aim to make sure you never pay over the odds for your energy supply.

Our promises

  • You will always have access to the same tariffs as new customers. No ifs, buts or maybes. All tariffs, always.
  • We will make sure it is as easy as possible for you to switch tariffs. And with Tonik Space, that’s just two clicks.
  • We will constantly monitor our SVT to make sure it remains competitive. We don’t believe in inflated SVTs.

We appreciate that renewing your energy tariff doesn’t always come at the best time. You’re busy and real life gets in the way. We know it’s not fair to be penalised for simply missing a date. Which brings us on to our latest commitment…

If you roll onto our SVT once your fixed rate tariff has expired, we will refund you the difference between your chosen fixed tariff and our SVT if you renew within three months.

And if you do choose to stay on our SVT after three months, don’t worry. We constantly monitor costs to make sure ours is as competitive as it can be.

Why do we have a standard variable tariff?

Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to automatically move customers to another fixed tariff when their current one comes to an end. That’s why we need a standard variable tariff – something for customers to roll onto. However, unlike some others in the industry we don’t make this hugely expensive.

Get in touch

We’re always on the lookout for things we can do better. We’d love you to get in touch if you have any ideas for what we should work on next! Email us at or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.