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It’s official: we are the cheapest renewable energy supplier

Jun 28, 2017 - 2min read

Great news – both for our current members and for anyone considering making the switch to renewable energy: we are the cheapest renewable energy supplier on the market.

The calculations are based on data accurate as of June 28 2017, taken from Energyhelpline – an independent price comparison service that compares the prices of all publicly available energy tariffs under the OFGEM Confidence Code.

The average price is calculated from all 14 regions of the UK based on OFGEM’s medium consuming household consumption of 3100 kWh for electricity, and 12500 kWh for gas.

In almost all regions we came up trumps – and if you won’t take our word for it, the Daily Mail have independently reached the same conclusion while making their calculations with uSwitch.


“We also analyse the market constantly to ensure we are competitive.”


In essence, it’s because we’re a lean energy company flexible enough to be able to respond to the market. We are able to adapt and innovate quickly  and in doing so we’ve been able to keep our prices low and help customers to switch to renewable energy.

Here’s some more detail from our Commercial Manager and pricing aficionado Sarah Henning:

“We’ve got an extremely good understanding of what our costs are, and a strong wholesale energy procurement strategy that allows us to pass savings on to our customers. So, as a lean company, we’ve been able to keep our operational costs low and pass further savings onto our customers.”


“We price ourselves fairly.”


“We also analyse the market constantly to ensure we are competitive. We price ourselves fairly, at a level where we’re able to give customers the best possible deal, while still providing excellent customer service and growing our business sustainably. Customers have given us 9 out of 10 on Trustpilot, the leading review website.

The final word goes to our Managing Director, Chris Russell:

“Our aim has always been to provide renewable energy at an affordable price. It’s great to be able to help more and more families access renewable energy and play their part in building a cleaner future.”