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Keeping the children busy – and energy bills low

Apr 7, 2020 - 4min read

With the current unprecedented circumstances we're all facing, and many of us now preparing for a long few weeks at home with the kids, it’s only natural that keeping the family occupied is the focus for many households. The team here at Tonik Energy has settled into working remotely well, and with new arrangements comes new challenges - balancing work, keeping the kids busy and the energy bills down too!

Energy is an essential part of our daily lives, and the parents at Tonik HQ came together (virtually of course) to share ideas and put together fun bitesize activities for the little ones to keep their minds busy whilst teaching them a thing or two about where their energy comes from. The following tasks are designed for children aged 8 or below, but of course - anyone can take part! For these tasks, you'll need a pencil, paper, colours and lots of imagination! 

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Activity 1: Energy - Why we need it, and how we use it. 

Energy is all around us and it's what makes things GO! It comes in many different forms and get's used in lots of ways. We need energy to power our bodies (with food), to power machines (with fuel like petrol or diesel), and to keep things working at home too (with Gas and Electricity). 

At Tonik, we supply Gas and Electricity to your home which keeps your radiators and water hot and keeps the lights and appliances in your house working each time you press a switch.

Cast your mind back to all you did yesterday at home and make a list of how many things you used during the day that uses energy? Write it down. (if you're feeling really creative, draw us a picture too!)

Using all this energy at home is fine, but have you ever thought about what happens to wasted energy?  Did you know that lots of energy in your home get's wasted every day which is bad for the planet and costs money which someone at home has to pay for.

Each time you leave the telly on when you're not watching it, or a light switch on when you leave the room – that's money you're essentially putting in the bin. But there's lots of ways you can get involved to become a responsible energy user and help reduce how much energy you use around your home.

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Get involved in our Energy Saving challenge.

Activity 2: Where does my energy come from?

With 7 billion people now on the planet, and most of them using energy at home - we need to make sure we're responsible with how we use it. The most common source of energy around the world comes from fossil fuels. The two most common types are:

  • Oil - Comes from far underground and is brought to the surface through pipes. Oil is commonly used for cars and to generate electricity - and is a fossil fuel.
  • Coal - A rock that is found far underground and is made from millions of years of pressure from rotten plants and animals - and is a fossil fuel.

The world's population is growing, and there's only a limited supply of fossil fuels meaning it will soon run out! Tonik Energy works hard to help homes like yours become responsible energy users by supplying them with 100% renewable electricity that comes from the wind and the sun.

Fuel_Mix_Pie Chart
  • Solar power - energy that comes from the sun and is converted to energy through solar panels like the ones you find on the top of peoples' rooves. This is a renewable energy supply that cannot run out.
  • Wind power - energy that comes from wind and is converted to energy through wind turbines often found on hillsides. This is a renewable energy supply that cannot run out.
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Looking at your list from Activity 1 - think of one top energy-saving tip and draw a picture of how you plan to save energy at home

Activity 3: Why should we care for the planet?

Just like your house, the earth is also our home too - and it's important to look after the earth so people, plants and animals can stay healthy. The planet provides us with the food we eat, the air we breathe and helps all living things survive so it's important to protect it and do all we can to take care of it.

Using lots of fossil fuel energy to power our homes is causing bad effects on the planet such as air pollution (dirty air caused by burning fuel), and lots of damage to the environment (as it gets dug from the ground). Lot's of people have been taking steps to help the planet such as:

  • Recycling waste at home
  • Going litter picking
  • Using renewable energy instead of fossil fuel energy
  • Using the car less, or switching to an Electric Vehicle
  • Creating their own energy at home

When it comes to driving your own car in the future, you'll most likely be driving an Electric Vehicle of your own ( a car that runs on electricity instead of dirty fossil fuel energy).

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We'd love you to get creative and get the imagination flowing with our next activity and draw us your dream Electric Vehicle. Can it fly? Does it have a coffee machine in the boot? Perhaps it sucks air pollution from the air around us? We can't wait to see! 

Want to show us your finished designs? We'd love to see! -Email your completed work to and we'll be sure to share your finished work with the rest of Team Tonik.

Please be aware by submitting your activity packs you agree to letting us publish them. Should you not wish your child’s name to be used or just the first name, please let us know.



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