Alexander Sims At Fully Charged 2019

Looking back at Fully Charged Live 2019

Jul 16, 2019

Fully Charged Live is a festival celebrating everything new and innovative in the world of electric vehicles and clean energy technology.  The event, in its second annual outing, was held at the historic Silverstone racing circuit and saw over 10,000 visitors over the three-day event - an amazing nod to the level of enthusiasm for these technologies!

Tonik were particularly busy at this year’s event.  Our exhibition stand showcased our partnership with Formula E driver Alexander Sims and our two EV simulator games drew sizeable crowds - very much underlying how effective electric motorsports can be as a means of getting people excited about driving electric. Meanwhile, in his role as a sustainability advocate, Sims joined a panel discussing “Can EVs compete?”, fronted by Fully Charged presenter Johnny Smith. Will Vooght, Tonik’s Head of Innovation and Strategy, took to the stage too, joining host Robert Llewellyn for a talk on “How to Live an Electric Life.”

Above all, we were at Fully Charged Live to talk to clean energy enthusiasts about the latest in EV-charging technology - whether that be fast, compact EV chargers for the home, or bigger, faster EV chargers aimed at businesses and local authorities. Not only that, but we’ve been showing off our Tesla Powerwall home battery proposition - which when paired with new or existing solar is a great way to reduce independence on the grid and transition to a low-carbon future.


Our CEO, Chris Russell, spoke about the importance of our infrastructure keeping pace with the adoption of renewable tech, and how Fully Charged Live supports that growth by bringing like-minded people together. With electric vehicles, e-bikes, car manufacturers, and green electricity suppliers all in one place, Fully Charged Live is a fantastic way of bringing together so many people and businesses who are all driving towards the same end outcome - a smarter, lower-carbon future.


British Formula E driver, electric vehicle enthusiast and Tonik brand ambassador, Alexander Sims, was naturally in attendance and lent his expertise to a demonstration of the EV race simulators on display at our Tonik stand - needless to say, he put everyone to shame with his lap times! He talked to us about his drive to get more people excited about electric vehicles as part of his personal sustainability agenda, and later took part in a panel hosted by Fully Charged presenter Johnny Smith on the topic of “Can EVs compete?”


Tonik’s Head of Innovation and Strategy, Will Vooght, took to the stage for a panel discussion with Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn on the subject of “How to live an electric life”. Will spoke about exciting future opportunities, such as a new platform we’re currently trialling which allows homes within a community to buy / sell excess generated energy.  He also spoke of some of the challenges we have today, such as new tax rules for new solar installations. The summary? There are plenty of ways we can each be more electric (and sustainable) with the way we live.


Thomas Newby, co-founder and MD of The Phoenix Works - our in-house renewable tech installation experts - talked to us about the importance of a high-quality installation, the due diligence his teams run to select the most reliable products, and the importance of ongoing maintenance and support he provides to homes and businesses who have already adopted solar, battery, or EV. The message here is that you can find great technology and you can find a great installer - but you absolutely need both to make sure you’re getting the most out of your renewable tech!


We caught up with Zoom EV founder Greg Fairbotham, whose new company provides a mobility sharing platform and car insurance both specifically for EVs. As part of their service to ther customers Zoom EV also offer a ‘Sustainable Mobility Bundle’ - that provides extra benefits to their customers through partners such as ourselves! Tonik are supporting Zoom EV’s customer offering with discounts of energy tariffs and EV chargers - all in the name of promoting uptake in zero-emission vehicles.  

Did you know we do EV chargers for home and business?

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