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Make yourself at home: why it’s smart to be with Tonik

Sep 13, 2019 - 3min read

At Tonik, our main goal is to make our members happy - and that means setting up accounts correctly, making sure they keep working, and always being available to assist with any issues. We’re an extremely helpful bunch!

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re renowned for our customer service - not just with our 9/10 “excellent” rating on Trustpilot, but with an award for Customer Service Recognition at the British Renewable Energy Awards 2018, and being ranked as one of the very best energy companies in the UK by the Which? energy survey.

The dominance of the big 6 energy companies means they gave up on focussing on customer retention a long time ago. Meanwhile, smaller suppliers try to compete on unsustainable prices - which often means cutting corners on customer service and, in many cases, closing down.

So how do we figure out a fair price for our members, while making sure we’re still able to provide industry-leading customer service?

Our formula for fairness

From the second you sign up, we’re making sure that you’re paying the correct amount for energy usage - and working to ensure this continues throughout your time with us.

We ask the right questions (including asking for your exact usage in a previous bill) during the sign-up process so that your fixed term quote accurately reflects your actual usage. What some other suppliers do is under-quote your consumption to make it seem like you’re getting a cheaper deal, just to lure you in.

Once you’re with us, we review your account shortly afterwards and then on a rolling basis every six months. We take into account a number of factors to ensure your bills are bang on the money: 

  • Your actual usage
  • Your projected consumption
  • Your current balance
  • Your current monthly payment amount

By looking at this information, we make sure that your monthly payments adequately reflect your overall usage throughout the whole year so that at the end of your fixed term with us, you’re as close to a zero account balance as possible - meaning you’ve paid exactly the right amount!

Variable factors like outdoor temperature and the number of people living in your home can cause fluctuations in your energy usage, which makes predicting your future energy consumption tricky. We do our very best to ensure we’re not overcharging you, which is why we think it’s only fair that you earn 3% interest on your balance whenever you are in credit with us. So even if you end up overpaying slightly, your money is still doing better than it would be in most bank accounts!

We listen to you

We understand that you might sometimes feel the amount you’re paying each month is either a little over or under the amount of energy you’re actually using, perhaps due to a change in circumstances.

All you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to adjust your payments to an appropriate level - but remember, it’s not a bad thing to build up a bit of credit balance in the summer to stop you going into a negative balance in the winter, when you typically use a lot more energy!

Meanwhile, keeping your account up-to-date with meter readings helps you keep a handle on your energy usage, while helping us bill you as accurately as possible. 

Sustainable energy, sustainably priced

We are committed to pricing sustainably, transparently and in line with wholesale prices.

Some suppliers fail because they are unable to understand and balance the complex costs associated with operating in the energy market. Although this reduces competition, it’s always the customers that suffer - whether that’s through poor service, or the uncertainty that follows when the supplier goes out of business. 

Our promise is that our tariffs are a fair reflection of the current economic and environmental conditions. We believe in supplying green energy at affordable prices, but also that we have a responsibility to ensure our prices are sustainable for us as a business - so we can continue to provide an excellent service far into a cleaner, greener future.

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