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One battery to rule them all: Tesla Powerwall

Jun 3, 2019 - 4min read

Having home battery storage installed alongside your photovoltaic solar panels is a cornerstone of the Tonik ecosystem - our vision of connecting our members to renewable technologies and innovative ways to power their homes. We want to put them in control of how they generate, store and use energy, and reduce their reliance on the grid.

We only choose the best products - those of the highest quality with outstanding performance, to help our members achieve this goal. So when it comes to home battery storage, it had to be Tesla Powerwall - which is why we are delighted to be the first UK energy supplier to offer and install Tesla Powerwall.

We’ve shown how big a difference Tesla Powerwall can make when combined with solar panel solutions in the home of Matt Morgan, the founder of award-winning, expert renewable installers - and our sister company - The Phoenix Works.

But just what is it that makes Tesla Powerwall so much better than the competition?

It’s Tesla!

Most famous for being at the vanguard of the electric vehicle revolution, Tesla were the first to bring the fully electric premium car to the mass market, back in 2008. Today, the range of Tesla Models continue to represent the height of EV performance and desirability.

“They’re making profound statements about our renewable future, so people and businesses rally round them,” says our product director Steve Springett. “If they pull off what they’re trying to do with EVs, batteries, microgeneration and public transport, our planet will be a lot better off for it.”

In short, Tesla are synonymous with renewable energy, and can be relied upon to settle for nothing less than exceptional performance.

It stores more energy

Tesla Powerwall Specs

When it comes to home battery storage, the all-important specification is capacity, and with 13.5kWh, Tesla Powerwall is miles ahead of everyone else. The more solar energy you can store, the longer you can power your home without using electricity from the grid; and the more money you can save.

Tesla Powerwall’s other technical specifications are impressive too; it leads the field with a maximum continuous output of 5kW - meaning it has more capability to cover spikes in household usage than other batteries. It also has one of the highest guarantees of capacity retention over its lifetime: 80% retention over 10 years of unlimited charge cycles.

So not only does Tesla Powerwall store the most energy, it outputs the most too - and will do so more reliably and for longer than any of its competitors.

It’s the best choice for switched-on energy users

Tesla Powerwall gives you unparalleled control over and insight into your power supply, thanks to its highly detailed communication with the Tesla App.

Not only does it provide real-time data that shows how much power your solar panels are generating, how much energy your household is consuming and how much electricity is flowing in and out of your battery - you can even customise your Tesla Powerwall to your specific needs, by changing how it is charged and discharged.

It’s effortless and versatile

This - along with the fact that it is AC coupled (so you don’t need to install a separate charge converter) and can be wall mounted or stacked up on the floor - means that Tesla Powerwall is easily the most versatile home battery on the market, making it really easy to live with!

It looks good

Tesla Powerwall Image

Not only is Tesla Powerwall versatile and easy to live with, it’s also a thing of beauty! And let’s face it: home battery storage can be ugly and bulky, so we’d be lying if we said that form factor doesn’t come into play when choosing our favourite gadgets.

Fortunately, as with all Tesla products, Tesla Powerwall combines the highest performance components with graceful and unobtrusive design - sleek, white, and minimal profile.

So there you have it; the most powerful, technologically advanced and attractive way to make the very best of your solar panels - and we can install it for you in a matter of hours!

Find out more here, or to book your Tesla Powerwall installation call The Phoenix Works on 0113 815 5366.


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