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Our plan to make EV drivers' lives a whole load easier

Nov 13, 2018 - 3min read

Breaking news klaxon! Tonik Energy - along with our installation partners (and sister company!) The Phoenix Works - are proud to present a brand new proposition to make life easier for EV owners everywhere: our electric vehicle charging service plan aimed at workplaces, businesses and the public sector.

Our unique offering promises to be a game-changer for the marketplace: a complete end-to-end charging solution geared towards making EV charging points the new normal - at your office, at the local supermarket, multi-storey car parks - literally anywhere you can park your car! We want to make EV charging points as widespread as we possibly can.

We’re combining the installation of EV chargers on an open, subscription-free network with ongoing support and maintenance, and - obviously - the option of being supplied with 100% renewable electricity!

There are two big benefits to our plan that are specifically designed to remove two of the biggest problems in this area:

Problem #1: Upfront costs

Organisations looking to install EV charging are often hit with major upfront costs, so it’s easy to understand why they can be attracted to cheap, low-quality solutions. Alternatively, they sign up to plans where the chargers are provided for free, but all of the revenue generated from their usage is kept by the provider - removing one of the most attractive reasons for a business to install them in the first place!

Our solution does away with those pesky upfront costs, and goes a step further by offering a charging service plan from just £1 a day - all while allowing organisations to set their own tariffs and retain all the revenue generated.

Problem #2: Unreliable chargers

In the words of The Phoenix Works’ Managing Director - and all-round renewable tech boffin - Thomas Newby, there is another issue that makes using the chargers a whole lot less appealing.

“A lot of providers have jumped on the EV bandwagon seeing an opportunity to turn a quick profit,” says Tom. “As a result, the market has been beset with problems resulting from poor quality equipment, inadequate servicing - all with little or no support for end users.”

Tonik and The Phoenix Works are tackling this problem with our unique ‘100% Uptime Guarantee’. “When it comes to EV charging, reliability is everything,” says Tom. “If our host experiences downtime as a result of our systems, we don’t charge them. It’s a simple but effective incentive for us to provide the best solution and keep our chargers up-and-running.”

Tonik Energy’s Managing Director and resident Renault Zoe-driver Chris Russell chips in: “The UK is moving fast towards a zero-carbon future and we want to be a positive force within the market. EV charging is a significant part of that future and is quickly becoming business-critical infrastructure for workplaces, businesses, and the public sector. Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers, simplifying the selection, installation and maintenance processes; meaning they can focus on their core business.”

“A new energy age is just around the corner,” says Tom. “We want to be there, leading the charge, facing it head on. We are optimistic about the future because we have the technology and experience, so we know what’s possible.”

So that’s how we’ll be bringing reliable, quality EV charging to a workplace or public sector building near you. Businesses: start your (electrically-powered) motors!


For more information about this solution, our colleagues at The Phoenix Works are on hand to answer any questions:

0113 815 5366 or