Stand out moments 2019

Stand out moments of 2019 – what our members said

Jan 27, 2020

We recently asked our members to share their 2019 stand out moments for climate change.

2019 was the year the world seemed to wake up to climate change. With 2018 seeing the report by UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announcing our 12-year limit to save the planet and the introduction to the phenomenon that is Greta Thunberg - it was 2019 that really captured the public’s attention and hammered home the gravity of it all!

And our members generally agreed; with many saying the increased media coverage and “more people calling it a climate 'emergency '” was what made last year a turning point for you.

Don’t re-greta-it later

The year provided us with a number of stand-out moments which hit headlines - as well as providing some social media gold! 28% of you related to Greta staring down Donald Trump as he arrived at the UN, and it certainly caused a stir on twitter as many people reposted the infamous video and shared the resulting memes. Her speech at the climate summit won over a lot of you too. While the general consensus on Greta is definitely positive, she is not without criticism and there were a couple of detractors among you too.

The second most notable moment for you was UK’s halt on fracking in November with 25% saying this was their watershed moment and a victory for the environmental cause.

And here we have…

David Attenborough came in a respectable third place with 22%. He shared the Pyramid Stage with the likes of George Ezra, Kylie, and The Killers to bring his message to the crowd. And indeed a number of you noted that it was the youth and their voices that raised the profile of the cause, with one member even hailing grandchildren as her enlighteners!

It seems the Glastonburys address was really preaching to the converted, but at least it brought more headlines to the mass media. Attenborough continued to be a shining light in a number of ways with many of you citing his moving documentaries highlighting the plight of our planet: “Seven Worlds One Planet has brought it home to me more than anything when you see the Walruses, Sea Lions and Penguins fighting for what little ground is left on their islands.”

Living in a Greenhouse

Melting ice was undoubtedly a theme. From the ice sculptures replacing Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage in the Climate Debate in November (which came in fourth in our poll) to several people mentioning the melting ice caps and sea levels rising.

The odd weather patterns and resulting fires were the most commented concern amongst you. With some very specific stories hitting home: “Australian girl whose family lost their home to bush fires being threatened by police for picketing the Australian PM's house”. Even those who said they had no knowledge of the listed events, couldn’t deny the “catastrophic weather events” and flooding on our doorstep. It’s clear we are all starting to see the direct results of our increasing C02 emissions.

How can you make a difference?

We still have some way to go, so let’s make 2020 the year when action happens. Even with all the coverage, science, and figureheads, more needs to be said and done as some feel “the message is still largely ignored”. As one member said of the stand-out moments listed: “All fine options but none anywhere near powerful enough!!” Perhaps this is where the Extinction Rebellion comes in? Their tactics may be sometimes-questionable - but they certainly make the headlines!

But apart from painting up your placards and marching on London, there are so many ways we can all make our stand – in our every-day choices. By being with Tonik you’ve already made the decision to go green with your energy, but have you considered reducing your carbon footprint even further? We can help you make the small and big steps towards a cleaner, greener position.

Our Greenest tariffs supply 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas with the remaining 90% being totally carbon offset. We do this by investing in the Kasigau Corridor project in Kenya. The benefits of this offset program can go far beyond the important process of offsetting your carbon and reducing CO2 emissions. The investment goes towards providing sustainable jobs for the local communities in areas impacted by environmentally damaging activities, making real changes to real lives here and now. Approximately 5,000 local landowners receive a portion of the proceeds that fund things like the development of water catchments, reducing long treks to gather unsafe water and providing school bursaries to help local children receive an education.

Going that step further?

Some will be looking to make an even bigger step in 2020 with 60% of our surveyed members planning to buy an electric car and Tonik can support this change by providing the EV charger advice and installation. What's more - we can install solar panels if you're looking to be even less reliant on the grid.

The smallest changes really can make a big difference!

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