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Taking on the Which? challenge: we don’t want you on an SVT

Aug 21, 2017 - 4min read

Back in January, we responded to Which?’s campaign challenging energy suppliers to help customers off expensive standard variable tariffs (SVTs) and onto better deals.

At the time we didn’t have any members on our SVT. Not a supplier to rest on our laurels, however, we’ve set out a range of promises to make sure you don’t fall onto our SVT.
One of our promises was to continually improve our online member portal, Tonik Space. It is central to keeping our members up to date and key to the simplicity with which you can select a new tariff when it comes to renewal time.

Over the last few months we have been listening to what our members want from Tonik Space, not only to enable you to switch tariffs quickly and easily but to generally make life easier. Here is some of the feedback we have received from our members and what we have done about it.

I need to know where I am with payments on my account – I don’t want to wait for a statement

To avoid this issue, we’ve introduced ‘Live account balance’ which is available the moment members log in to their accounts. Based on all the data we have including estimated annual curves, meter readings, payments and usage since the last statement, we can estimate where you are with payments whenever you log in.


Tonik meter reading


I have more than one property, it would be helpful if I could manage all of my energy accounts from a single place

We originally put in place our ‘Shared Accounts’ feature in response to landlords and members who wanted to manage multiple properties. But what we’ve also found is that members are using it to keep an eye on and manage their elderly relatives’ accounts. They’ve been delighted with this functionality and we’ve been equally delighted to be able to help our more vulnerable members manage their energy payments.

The format of my meter reading isn’t supported on Tonik Space – I can’t submit my readings to you

Unbelievably we have made 20 changes to our meter reading entry screen on Tonik Space in the past few months! This has been to ensure we support all the different formats our members need and to provide additional information to help you with your submission. As we ask our members to do this on a monthly basis it’s essential that it’s quick and simple to do.

It would be great if I could quickly bring my balance back into credit by making a payment through Tonik Space

Occasionally our members’ accounts fall into debt, sometimes due to a simple change in a Direct Debit, for example. Previously we could only take a payment over the phone so we were asked if there was a way members could do this through Tonik Space.

Now you need only visit the ‘Make Payment’ screen in Tonik Space, provide card details and hit submit.

Please can I see what’s happening with the friends I’ve referred

We launched our ‘refer-a-friend’ scheme in May. Word of mouth recommendations have played an important role in our growth so we wanted to reward our members as a way of saying thank you.

This scheme has been warmly received; from the outset we provided our members with the means to refer friends through their Tonik Space account.

Refer a friend

However, members were keen to see what was happening with their referrals and when they could expect their gift voucher. So we added an additional section to Tonik Space which allows you to track your referrals, including how many invites have been sent, whether your friend has engaged with the invite and whether the referral has been successful.

Moving forward with Tonik Space

As we head towards autumn/winter, an increasing number of members will be coming to the end of a fixed tariff period. We will therefore be reviewing and updating Tonik Space to make sure it is really clear and simple for all of our members to select the best new tariff available. Two clicks should be all it takes. Our aim is to avoid any of our members falling onto our SVT unless, of course, you want to!