Tech Five with Amelia Kallman

Tech 5: futurist journalist Amelia Kallman

Oct 6, 2017 - 2min read

In Tech 5, we’re asking some of the sustainable innovators at WIRED Energy five quick-fire questions about the tech they like, dislike and dream of – to get a sense of where they think the future’s heading.

Amelia Kallman is a futurist and journalist with her finger on the pulse of all things innovation and technology-related. Having lectured at Cambridge University, delivered a keynote speech alongside Dr Brian Cox at the Science Museum and appeared as a panelist at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Amelia is a veritable nexus of information about the shape of the future.

Prior to working as a consultant on future-proofing strategies for start-ups and corporate clients, Amelia was Global Head of Innovation at Engage Works Ltd. Her writing features in Wired UK, Forbes and The Huffington post. Amelia is also responsible for a very specific technological milestone; she directed the world’s first-ever virtual reality burlesque show.

Amelia has curated the inaugural Wired Energy conference in London which takes place on 12th October and where our managing director, Chris Russell will be speaking.

What sustainable tech does everyone need? Electric Vehicles



One of those buckets that catches rainwater for reuse. Okay, so it’s not really technology, but it means I can grow my own herbs – and some vegetables!


I’d love a Bonaverde Berlin coffee machine, which eliminates a lot of the packaging that comes with machines that use pods or filters. I’d really like to get some clothes from the Cridland 30 Year Collection, which aims to cut waste by producing clothes that last longer.


Well we’re reaching a point where everyone will need an electric vehicle. I also think the concept of Wellness Housing is something that’s really exciting and it would be great if it was far more widespread.


Plastic packaging!


The ability to recycle objects with the power of my mind.

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