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The 10 sustainable pledges you’ve actually committed to in 2020

Jan 27, 2020 - 4min read

Setting goals is an expected part of beginning a new year, and it’s no surprise that environmentalism and climate action are at the forefront of people’s minds for 2020!

We conducted a short survey asking our members what was most important to them when setting sustainable pledges for the year ahead. The results are in, and we can now reveal what we knew all along – our members are dedicated advocates of sustainable living.

Change for the better begins at home - with over half of you homeowners (53%) pledging to make energy-efficient home improvements in 2020. Greener transport choices also featured highly in our results with (55%) of those researched pledging to make alternative transport arrangements to reduce their carbon footprint.

The top ten sustainable pledges our members committed to for 2020 are:-

#10. Installing solar panels to make my own energy 

Our survey revealed that 5% of people are planning to install solar panels in their homes to produce their own clean, green energy - thus becoming less reliant on the grid and saving big on energy bills in the years to come.

#9. Switching from a fossil fuel car to an electric one

Electric Vehicles have recently been hot news and a significant increase in EVs on UK roads is expected in the future. 9% of those we surveyed have committed to switching from a fossil fuel car to an electric vehicle this year, with a further 60% of UK drivers planning to buy an electric vehicle in the near future.

#8. Carbon offsetting my non-renewable energy use

11% of our respondents revealed that opting for a greener energy supply that was sourced in a responsible and environmentally-conscious way mattered most to them. Other factors important to them included saving money on their energy bills by using less (7%) and reducing the immediate impact of fossil fuel pollution (3%).

#7. Investing in smart tech to reduce my home energy usage

Smart technologies such as battery storage, smart meters, and EV charging play a key role in helping consumers get switched on about their energy consumption. We were delighted to see that 18% of those we surveyed have plans to invest in smart tech for their homes this year. 

#6. Improve my home’s insulation and draught-proofing

Often, low-cost improvements in and around the home can make a significant difference when it comes to saving money on your energy bills - and 21% of people have chosen to do just this in 2020.

#5. Swapping the lighting at home to LED 

An LED light bulb uses less energy to produce the same light output as a standard light bulb, so it's no surprise that 34% of our members have pledged to make this low-cost switch in their home. Bright idea!

#4. Eating less meat or switching to locally sourced meat

Amongst the many reasons why people are opting for alternatives on their dinner plate, 50% of people are making conscious changes to the meat they plan to buy this year. Many are opting for meat-free substitutes or switching from the large chain supermarkets, to their local butchers or farmers' markets instead.

#3. Walking, cycling or taking public transport more

With the topic of air pollution and climate change increasingly making headlines, an impressive 55% of those we surveyed want to be the change, and are opting for alternative modes of transport this year to reduce their carbon footprint where possible. Good on you!

#2. Avoid buying ‘fast fashion’ clothing 

The fast fashion industry is known to contribute significantly towards C02 emissions and generating unnecessary amounts of waste as a result. We were thrilled to see as many as 60% of our members opting to take steps to avoid this linear economy of clothes shopping and instead opting for second-hand clothes swap shops and upcycling instead. Make Do and Mend may once again become our mantra in these new challenging times.

#1. Cut back on buying products with plastic packaging 

2019 was awash with epic climate change call-outs with more than one-in-four of you voting Greta Thunberg staring down Donald Trump at the UN (28%) and David Attenborough appearing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury (22%) as being amongst some of the most profound green moments of last year. With this in mind, it's no surprise to us that a staggering 85% of our members are committing to playing their part in 2020 to reduce the amount of pointless plastic consumed and wasted. 

Chris Russell, our CEO, applauds our members and hopes 2020 becomes the year of the EV:

“A collective understanding that we all have a role to play in tackling the crisis surrounding climate change is a crucial piece of the jigsaw, which is why it’s so encouraging to see people prioritising sustainability in 2020. It’s clear the British public are keen to do their bit to tackle climate change, whether it be by making home improvements, choosing greener transport options or making more sustainable shopping choices. Every step makes a difference and it’s inspiring to see consumers collectively are so committed to acting on the threat posed to our planet.

“Meanwhile, transport - traditionally perceived as a laggard when it comes to environmental matters - is currently the UK’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, so the commitment from nearly one in ten to make 2020 the year they switch from a fossil-fuelled car to an electric vehicle is a major step forward to applaud. Paramount to this change is to ensure the energy and charging infrastructure is in place to support both the immediate need and the anticipated exponential boom of clean, green motoring.”

Thanks to 1,669 of our members who answered our survey – we’ll be revealing more of your answers in the coming weeks, so watch this space!



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