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The Tonik ecosystem: technology that makes a difference

Dec 3, 2018 - 3min read

It’s lovely when everything - and everyone - works together for the greater good. That’s why, when choosing the products that make up our Tonik ecosystem, we really put our heads together to find the technologies and services that would work in total harmony to make our members’ energy use greener, more efficient and better value for money.

Being a more 'switched on' energy user isn’t just about scanning the market for a cheap fix; it’s about knowing where your energy comes from, paying a fair price, and taking the steps that will make energy work harder for you, your home and your transport. We’ll never be the kind of energy supplier to rest on our laurels, blindly assuming that our members will stick with us forever having switched over for a good energy deal.

Instead, we realise that energy isn’t just a bill at the end of the month - it’s what flows through the pipes and cables of your house, and plays a big part in making it into a cosy and inviting home. Being green isn’t about sitting in the dark and shivering, keeping your lights and heating off for as long as you can stand it. It’s about being smart with your energy consumption, so you needn’t feel guilty about those all-important home comforts.

Put all of the above together and what do you get? Our Tonik ecosystem of products, each carefully selected to meet a different need - whether that be sustainability, reduced bills or peace of mind - and all of them helping you to become a more switched on user of energy.

Energy: clean and green

All of our tariffs include 100% renewable electricity, and we’ve got the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates to prove it! The REGOs provide a record of each unit of electricity our members have used, which we balance out by buying (and pumping back into the grid) a unit generated from a carbon neutral, renewable source.

We also offer all of our members the option to include 10% green gas in their tariff, and - for those who want to go the whole hog - our Greenest tariff enables our members to go entirely carbon neutral by offsetting the remaining 90% of fossil fuel generated gases. So we’re doing everything we can to ensure each unit of energy our members use has a real, positive impact on the environment!

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Solar panels: lighten your bills

We want to help our members reduce their bills by generating their own totally green energy from the sun. With these highly efficient panels, becoming more energy independent is easier than you think - and our sister company The Phoenix Works will make sure they’re installed as efficiently, safely and beautifully as possible.

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Batteries: charge up to pay less

Transform how you manage your energy needs with a home battery. It lets you store electricity – either overnight from the grid when prices are low, or from your solar panels – for use at the most expensive times of day. Now it's you who's in charge. Picture this: dinner is roasting away in the oven, the lights are on, and you’ve settled down to watch the latest David Attenborough documentary. It’s pitch black outside, but you’re still doing all of this with your own solar energy stored in your battery - now that sounds like the future of energy!

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EV tariffs and chargers: driving change

Charge EV has been designed with electric vehicle drivers in mind – it's our greenest tariff available with some really cool added benefits. Now the clean energy that powers your home can reduce your carbon footprint even further by powering your electric vehicle with 100% renewable electricity! Not only that, but we give you 1200 miles free every year, a pair of tickets to Fully Charged Live 2019, and a £40 discount off our EV chargers.

Speaking of EV chargers, our eoMINI is the smallest fast charger on the market, perfectly formed for charging your EV at home, as quickly and safely as possible. And, of course, the installation is carried out by our trusted tech wizards at The Phoenix Works.

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Home assistance cover: peace of mind, all of the time

So you’ve made the choice to look after the planet by choosing renewable energy. Now we want to help you look after your home, by making sure that the network of cables and pipes that allow energy and hot water flow through your home are in tip top condition - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with HomeServe – one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers who offer a range of cover options from heating to electrics and plumbing. So if there’s a problem that leaves your home chilly or your water running cold, you’ll know where to turn for help – because life is busy enough as it is. Cover starts from just £3 a month in the first year.

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What next?

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting products to make the Tonik ecosystem better and more efficient. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve things, why not get in touch at

Let’s grow our Tonik ecosystem together, so we can make the environment we all share a cleaner, greener and more sustainable place to live.