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To our 50,000 members: thank you!

Mar 21, 2018

After eighteen months of supplying renewable energy, we now have enough members to fill Villa Park Stadium (and then some), 57 London Tube trains, or 625 double decker buses.

And as our membership has grown, so has Tonik itself. From a handful of ambitious souls working in a small corner of our Birmingham office, we have grown to a family of over 90, spread across three floors.

Simon Perkins, co-founder of Tonik, remembers what it was like in the beginning: “The early days were exciting and petrifying in equal measure. Creating an energy company from scratch was a huge task, only made possible through the hard work and dedication of a brilliant team of people.”

But the people most crucial to our story are our members - you guys. By switching to 100% renewable electricity, you are the ones fuelling the drive towards a greener energy future. And by successfully referring us to thousands of your friends, you are the ones making that environmental impact even bigger.

So what better way to celebrate our 50,000 member milestone than with your kind words - by dipping into our 1,078 Trustpilot reviews.


50,000 members going green

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There’s no doubt that one of the most rewarding elements of joining Tonik is the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the planet - and when you have 50,000 people all doing a little bit, that actually adds up to quite a lot.

With each member on average offsetting 787kg* of carbon per year by switching to Tonik, all of our members together are preventing an environmental impact of 39,350 tonnes of CO2 - equivalent to the emissions that would be produced by driving the world’s circumference 3,815 times.

And if all of our members installed Tonik Solar, as a community we would generate enough energy to offset the use of 35,000 tonnes of coal each year.

50,000 members saving money

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The environmental rewards are all the sweeter when you take into account that each of our members is saving an average of £353 a year by switching to Tonik.** So, together, our members are saving a grand total of £17.65m every year.

That’s enough to buy 40,113 square meters of Tonik Solar panels, 272 Model S Teslas††, or just under half of Birmingham City FC.‡‡

50,000 members loving our customer service

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What’s the point of having 50,000 members if you can’t take good care of them? We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service, and being everyone’s friendly, local energy supplier.

We understand that any decision relating to your energy supply can be stressful. So we go out of our way to provide excellent, honest customer service - and that’s why Money Saving Expert has highlighted us as one of the top energy suppliers for customer service.***

50,000 members taking the power back 

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According to Competition and Market Authority figures from 2016, 70% of big six energy consumers were signed up to the most expensive ‘default’ tariffs and, as a result, were collectively overspending £1.7bn per year.††† Now, energy switching has hit a record high with 5 million customers switching from the big six to smaller suppliers like Tonik last year.‡‡‡

Energy consumers are waking up to the idea that there is better, greener way to buy energy and take control of their supply while making big savings - and they are putting their faith in us to bring renewable energy to the mainstream.

If you’re one of our 50,000 members we’d like to thank you for choosing us. If you’re yet to join us we hope you’ll consider being one of the next 100,000.


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Based on figures from  https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/energy-content-d_868.html and https://www.worldcoal.org/reducing-co2-emissions/high-efficiency-low-emission-coal

**£353 is the average saving new members saved by switching to Tonik up to 7 Jan 2017.

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