Tonik energy just the tonic energy that the industry needs

Mar 14, 2017 - 2min read

Choosing our company name didn’t happen by chance or because the domain name was available. The name Tonik really summed up what we thought. The energy industry needs a tonic, a remedy, an antidote to the questionable practices we were seeing day in, day out.

We hope you can forgive the pun but ‘tonic energy’ summed it up quite nicely.

We started by looking at the smaller, though still significant, changes we could implement to make life better for our customers:

  • Charging a fair tariff – need we say more?
    Not charging exit fees or implementing minimum terms. We don’t hold our customers to ransom.
  • Giving customers with credit on their account 3% interest on that balance.
  • Having simple tariffs that customers can understand. We’ve also included 100% renewable electricity as standard to keep things straightforward.
  • Providing every customer with their own online energy account that they can access anytime, anywhere and on any device (backed up by our friendly team on the end of the phone, of course).

The Real Tonic Energy

Fundamentally, however, we believe this is just scratching the surface. In order to provide a real tonic for the industry we need to help customers think differently about energy.

Right now £1 out of every £3 spent on heating and lighting in our homes is wasted – providing neither benefit nor comfort to the customer. Ultimately, the greenest unit of energy is the one never used. Thankfully, there is much we can do to help our members understand where that energy is going and how they can take control of it.

Take action

Once we help our members plug the leak, what if we can then get them thinking about how to generate their own renewable energy? And help them understand how to use that energy at the best time to reduce their energy bill even further.
Want to find out more? Register your interest in generating your own renewable energy here, and we’ll be back in touch over the next couple of months.

If you fancy a little of our ‘tonic energy’, why not get an energy quote and see what you can save. We promise to take good care of you.