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Why get a home battery?

Jun 25, 2019 - 2min read

Okay, so Tonik is the first UK energy company to offer the state-of-the-art Tesla Powerwall home battery, and we’ve spent a good while outlining why Powerwall is the very best option for our members…but why exactly would you need a home battery in the first place?

The main answer is simple: if you have photovoltaic solar panels, you’ll absolutely need a home battery if you want them to reach their full potential. We’ve made this video to explain how home storage makes the most of your solar generation.

A home battery makes it possible to store up ‘excess’ energy generated by your solar panels, so you can use them when the sun isn’t shining - at night, and on cloudy days - or when household energy consumption is particularly high. This means that a home battery allows you to power your home using solar energy that would otherwise be going to waste (by exporting back to the grid).

We carried out a case study that showed how one of our members using a Tesla Powerwall in conjunction with their solar panels increased their energy savings from 30% - using solar panels alone - to a staggering 80%. On sunny days, a battery can enable your home to be powered 100% by your solar panels - meaning you won’t have used any electricity from the grid at all!

The positive impact isn’t just on your energy bills, however; reducing the energy you take from the grid benefits the wider community and the environment as well. By reducing the strain on the national grid - particularly at peak times - using your home battery lowers the carbon intensity of the network by promoting locally-generated and consumed energy.

In short, installing a home battery alongside your solar panels means that you are using 100% renewable, home-generated solar power for the vast majority of your home’s electricity consumption, while directly decreasing the amount of fossil fuels needed to power the grid.

We believe home batteries are going to be a key component in the home of the future, which is why we include them in our Tonik ecosystem of renewable technologies - along with solar panels and EV chargers. But it doesn’t end there -  our data scientists at Tonik HQ are always looking for more ways to help households get the most out of their batteries over time, such as through smart tariffs and smart charge scheduling.

We offer our members Tesla Powerwall because it is one of the largest capacity, highest performing domestic batteries on the market - and one of the very best ways to ensure you are prepared for a brighter energy future.

Find out more here, or to book your Tesla Powerwall installation call our in-house renewable tech installer The Phoenix Works on 0113 815 5366.

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