Zaydan Ahmed from Tonik

Working for Tonik: not your average nine to five

Feb 26, 2018

We’ve grown rapidly in the last year. And while this change is thrilling to see, the one thing we are determined not to change is the positive and vibrant work culture we’ve developed over the last couple of years.

We take the attitude that working for Tonik is not simply a 9-5 job. From the ‘Chuckle Club’ to our action-packed summer party, we’ve proved that working hard and having fun do not have to be mutually exclusive.

And although we try not to be too smug about the fact, as a renewable energy company, we are doing good for the planet, we are keen to remind everybody who works here that they are playing their part in building a sustainable future.

Tonik escape

To ensure that everybody in the company has a voice, we’ve created ten tribes. Each tribe is made up of a mix of employees across the various departments to ensure that people who ordinarily wouldn’t cross paths in the office get to know each other. As well as the social aspect, it also gives everybody a chance to have their say about what works best in the workplace. Oh, and a bit of healthy competition between tribes is very much promoted!

We spoke to three people working in different departments to give you an idea of what it’s like to work at Tonik.


Name: David
Job: Pricing Manager
Time at Tonik: 5 months

David, Tonik's pricing manager

Tonik is different because...
Unlike other energy suppliers we want to lower our members’ bills. In fact, our goal is to halve them by 2022. We don’t view our users as customers; we see them as members because we are looking to do the best for them by providing the most competitive tariff and products without sacrificing on service.

My favourite thing about Tonik...
Is the fact we are a renewable energy company which is good for the planet. It gives everybody who works here a sense that we’re working towards a greater good. There’s just a very positive feel to the workplace which is refreshing.

I would most like in the office…
An ideas & innovation zone. We have a lot of talented people at different stages of their careers with ideas & suggestions, so the opportunity to work collaboratively to plot these through from idea to concept to delivery is important.

Name: Katie
Job: Member Service Agent
Time at Tonik: 2 months

Katie, Tonik's member service agent

My favourite thing about Tonik is...
The Chuckle Club. If it’s quiet on a Friday, everybody in the member service team will write a joke and submit it anonymously. At the end of the day they will be read out and whoever is voted winner gets a trophy.

My best piece of advice as a Member Service Agent...
Is that it’s about letting members know you understand their issues and that you are going to help them. If you can successfully convey this message then you’ll be alright.

I would most like in the office...
A giant Connect 4!

Name: Nick
Job:  Project Manager
Time at Tonik: 9 months

Nick, Tonik's project manager

I chose to work at Tonik because...
The company is still at an age and size where it is possible to come in and make a real difference. It is very empowering and a complete contrast to working for the stereotypical faceless corporation.

My favourite thing about Tonik is...
The fact there is plenty of socialising. The summer party was especially good. We had drinks on the roof of our offices and then went to Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill. It was absolutely brilliant!

I would most like in the office...
A beer fridge. I think it would be an excellent addition.

If you’re looking for a work environment that is lively and challenging and one in which your voice will be heard then visit our careers page for a full list of current vacancies.

Fingers crossed that Katie will get her way and a giant Connect 4 will be in the office by the time you start.