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You've signed up - what happen's next?

May 5, 2017 - 2min read

Okay, so you’ve signed up to Tonik Energy. We’re thrilled to have you, and we’re looking forward to supplying you with renewable energy and to giving you all the support you need. Now, you might be wondering what happens next – and when exactly we’ll start supplying your home with energy.

One of the many benefits of switching to Tonik is that we’re signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee; we promise a reliable and hassle-free transition in just twenty-one days.

What happens during the 21 days?

Day one

  • Your sign up is confirmed online or over the phone by one of our Member Services Team.
  • We then initiate the transfer.
  • We send out your welcome email, containing a host of important information about your account. It’s a detailed breakdown that includes your supply start date, your tariff and the date and size of your direct debit payments. We’ll also tell you about the next steps in your switchover and provide everything you need to contact us if you have any questions.

 Day one to day fourteen

  • This is the cooling off/cancellation period. You have 14 days in which you can change your mind and cancel at any time. If you cancel during this time you will remain with your current supplier.

 Day seventeen

  • After the cooling off period we ask you for your opening meter readings. We send these reads to your old supplier who uses them to close down your account.
  • At this point we also give you the login details to our online hub: Tonik Space. This is your personalised energy account where you can check your live balance, submit readings, make payments and much more – whenever it’s most convenient for you.

 Day twenty one

  • Your switch is complete and you’re on supply with Tonik Energy! This is when we take your first Direct Debit payment, as it’s the first day we’re supplying energy to your home.
  • We take your payment on the first day of supply so you start in credit with your bill, and from this point onwards you’ll earn 3% interest reward on any credit left on your account at the end of each month. That’s a better rate of interest than you’d get from most banks.

 After that

  • Following the switch, your previous provider will send you a final bill no later than six weeks after your switching date. Within fourteen days of receiving your final bill, any credit will be refunded.
What happens when you switch

And if anything crops up during your switch, our extremely dedicated Member Services Team are on hand Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm to provide any help or guidance you might need.