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Take part in an exciting new trial – an app for your smartphone that’s good for the planet and your wallet!

  • Understand how your home is using energy.
  • Gain personalised advice on how to save energy and money.
  • Enter monthly prize draws with the chance to win prizes.
Two phones showing GenGame application

To benefit the environment and help you save money, Tonik are trialling the GenGame Energy Saver app. This is part of a UK Government funded trial which is finding out the most effective ways to help households reduce their energy use.

GenGame is an independent UK company that partners with energy companies such as Tonik to help households make the most of their smart meter data to save energy and money.

The trial will take place from September 2020 to March 2021.

The GenGame Energy Saver app uses data securely collected from your smart meter to understand the energy use of your home. With your permission, GenGame, will securely collect and analyse your smart meter data. The app will provide feedback about how your home is using energy and provide you with personalised advice about how to save money and energy. 

To find out if the GenGame app helps households save energy, the Government have appointed independent research partners. With your permission, the research partners will also securely collect smart meter data from all homes in the trial.  

Below, you can find more detail about the trial and how your smart meter data will be securely stored and used. Please take time to read this before agreeing to take part.

£10 Amazon gift card

As a thank you for taking the time to sign up for this trial, GenGame are offering a £10 Amazon Gift Card*

* Restrictions apply, see

What is the GenGame Energy Saver app?

 The GenGame Energy Saving app shows you how much energy your home is using and suggests ways to save. It’s easy to use and will reward you with points for keeping an eye on your energy usage. You can swap your points for raffle tickets to take part in regular prize draws, exclusive to the Tonik app community.



Track your energy


View meaningful patterns and insights that make it easy to understand your energy use. Track how much you’re spending and saving. Save time on energy related admin with your information in one place. Understand where your money goes and see what you’re using your energy on.



Predict Patterns, Stay on Track


The GenGame Energy Saver app learns and predicts patterns in your energy use. See if you’re using more or less energy than expected. View your energy broken down by activity such as laundry and entertainment or you can compare different days.



Make positive changes


You will receive tailored tips and advice in the form of challenges to encourage you save energy and money. Accept or reject these – you choose!



Be rewarded


Each time you use less energy than expected, this counts as a saving, earning you points. Small actions add up to a lot. Win prizes in raffles, unlock achievements and level up.