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Sign up and switch to Tonik energy, and get 100% renewable electricity and receive 3% interest on any credit balance too! It’s super easy to manage your whole account online - and with cheaper bills and green energy - that's one less thing to worry about! To get renewable, clean energy at your address, simply start your quote below and complete your switch online.

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You love a hassle-free service, we love saving the planet. Working together, we can do both! Each person who signs up to our renewable energy helps make our atmosphere that little bit cleaner, cutting down on the air pollution that has a detrimental impact on our health, and the emissions that are damaging our environment. Renewable energy, and award-winning customer service - what's not to love? 

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Ready to sign up to the renewable revolution?

It's easy - we’ll take care of everything with your old energy supplier. Once you’re on supply with us, you’ve got the power to go even greener with our suite of products - including solar panels, home batteries and EV chargers - designed to reduce your reliance on the grid, save money and help the planet even further. Welcome to the future of energy.

Here's how it pays to join Tonik...

When you switch your energy supply to Tonik, our award-winning customer service and sustainably priced green energy come as standard, but there’s more – we reward our members for each step they take to help rid our skies of dirty, fossil fuel emissions.

Switch to green energy with us and receive 3% interest reward on credit balances!

Refer your friends. You get £25 off your bill. They get £25 too.

Take a (much cleaner) deep breath. You’re a renewable hero now.

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