Save up to £300* on our competitive green tariffs and free boiler service (usually £84) - now’s the time to make a positive change for your family!

Sign up and switch to Tonik energy, and get 100% renewable electricity and receive 3% interest on any credit balance too! It’s super easy to manage your whole account online - and with cheaper bills and greener energy - that's one less thing to worry about. What's more, we also offer a Gas Boiler Service Plan FREE in the first year through HomeServe. To get renewable, clean energy at your address, simply start your quote below and complete your switch online.

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Mum Plus One & Tonik Energy

Tonik Energy are a Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) energy supplier of choice, because we are passionate about the future and believe that even the smallest change makes great things happen. Switching to clean energy reduces your carbon footprint which contributes to greener living, cleaner air and sustainability for generations to come.


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FREE Boiler service with the Gas Boiler Service Plan through HomeServe

Having a reliable boiler to bring heating and hot water to your home is a daily essential. But just like a typical car service, you need to get it checked regularly to make sure it's working properly. That's why Tonik have teamed up with HomeServe, one of the UK's leading home assistance providers, to offer a Gas Boiler Service plan through HomeServe completely FREE in the first year (usually £84) for renewing customers. A HomeServe approved Gas safe® registered engineer will conduct a service on your boiler free of charge. They will also offer advice and tips on using your heating more efficiently. Having your boiler serviced regularly may reduce the risk of a breakdown and may also help to prolong its life.

Please note:

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic HomeServe need to prioritise emergencies and put their most vulnerable customers first, but don't worry your first Gas Boiler Service will still take place after 6 months of your plan start date.

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Gas Boiler Service Plan Terms & Conditions

Here's how it pays to join Tonik...

When you switch your energy supply to Tonik, our award-winning customer service and sustainably priced green energy come as standard, but there’s more – we reward our members for each step they take to help rid our skies of dirty, fossil fuel emissions.

3% interest reward on credit balances

Refer your friends. You get £25 off your bill. They get £25 too.

Get a free gas boiler service through HomeServe usually £84

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