Policy Documents

All of our policy documents can be downloaded as pdf versions by clicking on the appropriate links.

Access to Property

We’ll occasionally need to access the property to inspect or carry out necessary work on your meters or associated equipment. This will be either an employee of Tonik Energy, an employee of one of our third party agents or, in an emergency, an employee of your local electricity network operator or gas network operator. This document lays out the manner in which any access to your property will be conducted.

Download our Access to Property Policy.


Refer-a-Friend Terms

Download our refer-a-friend scheme terms and conditions.


Guaranteed Standards of Performance

We and your electricity network operator and gas network operator are required to meet certain standards in relation to certain services that we and they provide to you. If we or they fail to meet these standards you may be eligible for a defined level of compensation in certain circumstances.

Download our Guaranteed Standards of Performance.


Looking after our Vulnerable Customers

Some customers are entitled to certain additional services and protections which are detailed within this document.

Download our Looking After Our Vulnerable Customers policy document.


Payment Difficulties

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to pay a bill and are committed to doing all we can to help our customers who are experiencing difficulties with this.

Download our Payment Difficulties policy document.


Energy Saving Information

This document provides you with valuable energy saving advice.

Download our Energy Saving Advice.


Complaints Policy

View our complaints policy.

To view our complaints performance for a particular time period please click here.


Citizens Advice Leaflet

Click here to view a Citizens Advice leaflet on your rights in a changing energy market.


FIT Status

Tonik Energy is currently in the process of becoming a Voluntary Feed in Tariff (FIT) Licensee. This means that soon we will be able to support FIT payments for qualifying members with solar panels.


Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

Tonik Energy has an obligation to publish the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (sometimes known as SMICoP). The latest copy of this document can be found here.


Environmental Claims

You can read more about REGOS and our green gas and carbon offset tariffs within this blog post and in our FAQs.
You can read our fuel mix information within this blog post.