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Solar, Battery Storage & EV Charging

What if you could halve your energy bills? With solar panels that help you generate your own renewable energy and our home battery that stores it for use later – that's exactly what we aim to do. If you’ve got an electric vehicle, our EV charger and smart tariffs can bring those costs down too.

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Say hello to a cheaper, more sustainable future

Any excess energy you create can be sold back to the grid, or used to charge an electric vehicle. We'll even offer smart tariffs that work with your technology to help avoid paying peak prices and bring your costs down further. Fossil fuels are becoming a thing of the past. The future is green. We'll help you get there faster.

Giving clean energy the green light

We’re here to make your switch to greener energy simple. We’re a one stop shop for finding the best technologies to power your home in innovative, efficient, easy to manage ways. Partnering with industry leaders in installation, support and maintenance, we’ve done all the hard work for you. And paired with our smart tariffs, we can help reduce your energy costs further.

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Hello, Sunshine

Generate your own free, 100% renewable electricity with our solar panels and avoid rising energy prices

Tonik Solar

From £6,250

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Think outside the grid

Store energy with our home battery and save up to 70% of your electricity bill when paired with solar

Tonik Battery

Coming soon

Electric charging

Full charge ahead

Electric vehicles are the future – make your transport completely green with 100% renewable charging

Tonik EV Chargers

From £239

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Energy shouldn't cost the Earth

Reduce your total energy bills by up to 50%

Protect yourself from future grid energy price hikes

Reduce your carbon impact on the planet

Ready to power on? Give us a call on 0333 344 2686 and select option 1 for all things Electric Vehicle or option 3 for Solar

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