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Commercial EV Chargers

EV solutions designed around your bespoke needs

With over 10 years experience, we know how important it is to provide businesses with bespoke EV charging design and installation. It’s never wise to treat it as same size fits all.

We provide a professional end-to-end electrification service for commercial businesses. From modular EV design, selecting the right EV spec, through to installation and on-going management of your EV charging infrastructure. You can rely on our expert team to get it right first time and help you secure future proof solutions that work for you and the end users with minimum hassle.

Our expert team are passionate about renewable technologies


The Phoenix Works, are Tonik’s inhouse renewable technologies specialists. Founded in 2010 by Thomas Newby and Matthew Morgan, they are both really enthusiastic about the environment and believed an opportunity existed to form a company focused on the provision of renewable technologies that ensures customers get a quality solution, installed to the highest standards and experience.

With a team of more than 50 skilled specialists, they’ve built up a strong reputation in the industry for delivering quality products and technical excellence, combined with exceptional customer service.  The team has broad experience in a wide range of clean-tech residential and commercial solutions and have installed over 4000 EV charging solutions.



Our EV charger end-to-end service

  • EV design: we’ll understand your specific needs and carry out a bespoke site design plan.
  • Smart EV platform - management of your chargers, providing reports from usage and dwell time to revenues earnt.

  • Best in class EV chargers – we install a range of premium brand, high-spec and durable chargers and we’ll find the right one for you.

  • Professional installation team – we pride ourselves in providing a professional and minimum disruption service.

  • 24/7 end user customer support - our team of experts can handle all queries for your customers any time of the day or night.

  • Future proof – this is the start of the electrification of your car park so we’ll help you efficiently scale up and avoid costly network upgrades.

  • Minimise costs – our EV design and choice of reliable chargers leads to minimum on-going maintenance costs.

  • 100% up-time guarantee - if your chargers aren’t working – you don’t pay.

Our EV Charging Range

We have worked with our charging partners to exclusively design the best quality, durable charging solutions for Tonik EV customers. With multiple capabilities providing all round flexibility and scalability, complimenting your existing and future business infrastructure and energy demands

  • Suite of smart chargers covering a range of charging speeds
  • Contactless chargers that suit continuous use in high demand locations
  • Load management feature enables safe integration with your business and the avoidance of costly network upgrades by working within your existing capacity requirements
  • Installation flexibility, from wall and post mounted solutions
  • Designed with users in mind, simple user interface and easy to navigate touchscreen display
  • Universal socket that is compatible with all plug-in EV brands

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