Fleet EV Charging

Are you looking to electrify all or part of your fleet? If so, you have to think beyond what specific vehicles you will order and consider how you can best charge them on an ongoing basis. You need to put in place the EV charging infrastructure that is right for your buildings, your employees and your fleet management requirements.

Tonik’s in-house renewable tech installer, The Phoenix Works, are extremely experienced in providing the required bespoke end-to-end service solution for your fleet management.

Tailored to Fleet requirements

We know that Fleet businesses have sector specific needs and we are experienced in designing and installing the right EV charging infrastructure and management system for your type of business.

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Reduce your network costs and ensure future scale


  • Load management in our chargers means EV chargers can be installed within your sites existing power capacity
  • We’ll passively wire your parking bays so chargers can be easily added as your EV fleet and demand grows
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Hassle-free operational support from our expert team


  • Our team of experts work with you to shape and fully manage your EV fleet network – taking the operational hassle away from you
  • 24/7 service team to handle all queries, with 90% diagnosed remotely
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Total visibility and control of your EV charging network


  • Access to our smart EV management portal ensures you have total visibility of your EV fleet and associated costs and usage
  • Control charge point access across your EV fleet and manage all your users under one account
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One stop EV eco-system - charge anywhere; work, en-route or at home.


  • With fleet, home charging and our public network all connected to our smart EV platform, you only deal with one company to manage your entire fleet
  • Your drivers will use a single app/fob to manage all charging within our network

Case Study - Gnewt Cargo

Gnewt Cargo worked alongside the Mayor of London’s office ahead of a successful bid to Innovate UK to fund the Low Emission Freight Trial to which charging infrastructure is an integral component.

Under this initiative we have installed 63 EO charging stations at two key sites all with advanced load management, which was imperative due to the supply constraints at the sites.

And more recently, in partnership with Nuvve, Gnewt Cargo are testing powering their fleet with 10 vehicle-to-grid chargers that we have installed. Under the E-Flex project, this is part of the project’s commitment to explore the commercial opportunity of V2G in providing energy and services back to the grid when EVs are parked. The E-Flex project results will help further the use cases for V2G in Europe and around the world.

"I'm responsible for the largest electric vehicle fleet in the UK; our charging infrastructure is business critical. Time was taken to understand my business and design an intelligent solution to meet our requirements." Sam Clarke - Gnewt Cargo Founder

Gnewt EV Charging

Our EV charger end-to-end service

  • EV design: we’ll understand your specific needs and carry out a bespoke site design plan.
  • Smart EV platform - management of your chargers, providing reports from usage and dwell time to revenues earnt.

  • Best in class EV chargers – we install a range of premium brand, high-spec and durable chargers and we’ll find the right one for you.

  • Professional installation team – we pride ourselves in providing a professional and minimum disruption service.

  • 24/7 end user customer support - our team of experts can handle all queries for your customers any time of the day or night.

  • Future proof – this is the start of the electrification of your car park so we’ll help you efficiently scale up and avoid costly network upgrades.

  • Minimise costs – our EV design and choice of reliable chargers leads to minimum on-going maintenance costs.

  • 100% up-time guarantee - if your chargers aren’t working – you don’t pay.
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