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We know you like to charge your EV overnight. We know you’re part of the sustainable revolution. That’s why we’ve created an EV tariff especially for you: cheaper overnight rates and 100% renewable electricity. You’ll get a cheaper rate, over a set seven hours, every night. Meaning there’s no need for complex charging schedules. Simply set your charger once and plug in each evening to benefit. Smart charging made simple.

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We're making it easy to be green!

Our EV tariff, Charge EV, takes the blue print of our greenest available tariff - we’re talking 100% renewable electricity, 10% green gas and the remaining 90% gas is carbon offset. Sustainably powered living and travel! 

Rewarding customers for choosing to be greener - that's being part of Team Tonik!

Please note, you will need a two-rate (economy 7) or compatible smart meter to sign up to Charge EV - see our FAQs for more details. 

Get 7 hours of cheaper overnight EV charging – simple

Reduce your carbon footprint even further with our 1 year fixed tariff designed specifically for EV drivers

7hrs cheaper overnight electricity

Fuel your EV with 100% renewable electricity

Award winning customer service

Don’t have a home charger? Get up to £200 savings in our great charger and tariff bundle deal!

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