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Smart EV home chargers - go electric with Tonik

You’ve made the decision to go electric! Now regular fuel stops at the garage will become a thing of the past and your home will be where you can easily re-charge your car with cleaner and cheaper energy. We can make this happen for you.

We’ve hand picked a high-quality range of EV chargers and our in-house installations team are well-established experts in Home EV charging boasting a 5 star Which? Trusted Trader rating.

Plus, Tonik can provide energy tariffs that cover your home and EV – making it simple to manage whilst saving you money at the same time.

"I am very impressed. Your people, Customer Service and processes do you credit."
Ian Farquhar, Holmfirth

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Top brand Smart EV Chargers to meet all requirements and budgets

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Award winning installation team

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UK’s lowest fixed overnight EV rate – charge your EV with 8000 miles for only £80*

Smart EV chargers - from only £528

We have carefully hand selected a range of top-brand smart EV home chargers. All our chargers are Smart – so you can set them to charge over-night when the energy costs are lower.

Plus,  when you choose one of our EV chargers and sign up to one of our home energy tariffs, you can charge your EV at a rate that means you will drive your first 8000 miles for only £80*.

EO Mini Pro 2

Looking for small, sleek and smart? The EO Mini Pro 2 may be the UK’s smallest charger, but its packed full to ensure a smart EV charging experience.

eo from tonik
  • Fast charging at 7kW
  • Smart intelligence - adjusts the rate of charge to avoid overloading your home supply and causing a power-cut when your home is using a lot of energy
  • EO Smart-Home App - monitor, control and schedule your charger.
  • Universal socket and compatible with all Electric plug-in vehicles
  • Hassle-free and professional installation by Tonik’s in house team
  • 3 year warranty
  • Access to 8000 miles for £80 tariff*

myenergi zappi

Want to be able to charge your EV for free using your own Solar PV energy? The award-winning zappi does just that, as well as operating like a typical EV charger.

my energi from tonik
  • Super Fast charging capability - 7kW can go up to 22kW (requires three phase supply at home)
  • Need to get on the road in a hurry, you can boost and charge your EV at maximum power
  • Charge your EV for free with your own solar PV renewable energy
  • Smart intelligence - charge your EV in harmony with your home, alters the charge rate so as to prevent power-cuts when your home is using a lot of energy
  • Hassle-free and professional installation by Tonik’s in-house team
  • 3 year warranty
  • Choice of black or white
  • Access to 8000 miles for £80 tariff*

*Home and Smart EV tariff is capped at 1,920kWh for your EV consumption through the home charging solution over a 12 month period, any EV consumption above this cap will be charged at your Tonik home energy tariff rate. 1,920kWh’s is the equivalent of 8,000 miles and based on the Tesla Model 3 (the bestselling EV at the moment) which has an EPA Rating of 24kWh / 100 miles (equivalent to 4.17 miles per kWh). Assuming all your EV charging takes place between 12 midnight and 7am and based on the equivalent night rate for the EV element of the tariff at 4.17p/kWh, the total cost of charging 1,920 kWh (8,000 miles) is £80.06.The lowest fixed overnight EV rate assumes100% charging is achieved on the cheapest off-peak periods for published EV-specific energy tariffs in the market. Excludes one-off monetary discounts, non-monetary bundles, dynamic or variable priced EV and home energy tariffs. Calculations accurate as of 29th July 2020.

** Saving compared to Big Six Standard Variable Tariff, for an average customer as defined by OFGEM, June 2020

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Smart up your existing charger

Wish your existing home charger had all the benefits of a smart charger? With the Ohme cable, plug it into your existing EV charger and you can upgrade your charging to be smart. Therefore, you can benefit from more intelligent charging and energy management.

  • The Ohme cable is an intelligent charge-companion for your existing non-smart home charger and works with every Electric Vehicle
  • No installation needed – just plug in and start charging
  • Fast charging at 7kW
  • Monitor and control your charging from the Ohme App
  • Access to the Smart Home & EV Tariff - 8,000 miles for £80

£349 fully supplied inc VAT (£50 saving usually £399)

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Professional and personalised installation

With over ten years’ experience installing renewable technology, our in-house team, The Phoenix Works, are experts in EV. We take pride in providing a bespoke service so to ensure you get the right solution for you, your home and your car.

But don’t just take our word for it! We are a Which? Trusted Trader with a 5 star rating. Read some of our customer testimonials below or better still why not talk to our team today.

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zappi tonik install

“I wouldn’t normally recommend on social, but the install was such a high standard, I am telling everyone!”

Lee had his first EV charger installed recently, having scoured the market “I came across Tonik and their Zappi offer was the best price I found from all my quotes.” Lee continued to say “Pam handled all my queries; nothing was ever too much for them. The install was tidy and very professional. Anyone who visits makes positive comments about how it looks and the cleanliness of it.”

“I will be going back to Phoenix Works to arrange our second home charger when our next EV arrives."

Lee Brown, Scotland 

"Excellent service from the outset. Prompt response to all queries, straightforward assessment process and a very smooth and efficient installation process. I could not fault the service."

Jim Dignan, South Yorkshire

"Zappi charger routed and fitted in less than 5hrs. Very neat, considerate about how everything was left and keen to help and show how everything worked."

Neil W

"Communication was brilliant... they ran through what they would be doing and made some checks before carrying out a very neat and diligent job ... Top job! - would happily recommend to anyone."

Lee Hughes, Worcestershire

Tonik Home and Smart EV tariff - 8,000 miles for only £80*!

Installing the EV charger is the start point. Your energy supply is no longer just for your home, it’s now also for your car. So how can you make this energy green and cost efficient at the same time?

We have the answer with our Home and Smart EV tariff. Buy a fully installed EV charger through Tonik, sign up to a Tonik home energy tariff and by charging overnight at a very low rate (4.17p kWh) you can get the first 8000 miles for only £80.

For more details and a quick quote click here.

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Charge your EV with 8,000 miles for only £80*

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Save up to £300 on your home energy bills**

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100% green electricity – charge your EV the sustainable way

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