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Tonik Home and Smart EV tariff - 8,000 miles for only £80*

Once you’ve installed an EV charger you have effectively turned your home into a car energising station. So how can you make this energy for your home and car green as well as cost efficient at the same time?

Well we’ve launched the Tonik Home and Smart EV tariff to do just that – exclusive to customers who have an EV charger installed by Tonik.

Then all you need to do is sign up for a Tonik home tariff and you'll get your first 8,000 miles for only £80* with the UK's lowest fixed overnight EV rate - it really is that simple.

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UK's lowest fixed overnight EV rate - charge your EV with 8,000 miles for only £80*

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Save up to £300 on your home energy*

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100% green electricity – charge your EV the sustainable way

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New way to control your EV energy

  • Smart data from your EV charger allows us to separate home and EV charging energy use

  • Simply set your charger to work at lower rate
  • Equivalent kWh rates when charging car:

    • Overnight only 4.17p (midnight to 7am)
    • Daytime only 10p (7am to midnight)

  • Competitively priced home energy tariff

  • 100% renewable electricity

  • Can work with your existing electricity meter


It’s as simple as 1,2,3

Whether you are already supplied by Tonik or not, accessing our Home & Smart EV offer is very straightforward:


Pick your charger

Pick from our range of Smart EV chargers and get your home charger installed by us


Pick your home tariff

Select any one of our Home energy tariffs and get your home energy supplied by Tonik


We'll do the rest

We’ll automatically sign you up to our Smart EV tariff rates once your charger is installed and your home energy is supplied by Tonik

That’s it! You’ll know how much it will cost to charge your EV any time of day and your Smart EV equivalent rates will be applied to your monthly energy bills.

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*Home and Smart EV tariff is capped at 1,920kWh for your EV consumption through the home charging solution over a 12 month period, any EV consumption above this cap will be charged at your Tonik home energy tariff rate. 1,920kWh’s is the equivalent of 8,000 miles and based on the Tesla Model 3 (the bestselling EV at the moment) which has an EPA Rating of 24kWh / 100 miles (equivalent to 4.17 miles per kWh). Assuming all your EV charging takes place between 12 midnight and 7am and based on the equivalent night rate for the EV element of the tariff at 4.17p/kWh, the total cost of charging 1,920 kWh (8,000 miles) is £80.06.The lowest fixed overnight EV rate assumes100% charging is achieved on the cheapest off-peak periods for published EV-specific energy tariffs in the market. Excludes one-off monetary discounts, non-monetary bundles, dynamic or variable priced EV and home energy tariffs. Calculations accurate as of 29th July 2020.

FAQ – Home & Smart EV charging tariff