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Tonik Smart Meters

Are you being kept in the dark? Shed some light on your energy usage with a smart meter. They give you accurate meter readings, so you pay for the energy you use and not an estimate. And when you better understand what you use, it’s easy to make practical, personalised choices that can help reduce your energy bills even further.

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Knowledge is power

Smart meters are being rolled out to every home in Britain as part of Government plans to put every home in control of its energy usage. They are free for you, and installed by your energy supplier. Equipped with the right information, you're in control of the amount of energy you use. It’s just one small way to help you take a more intelligent, personalised, and greener approach to your energy.

Wave goodbye to meter readings

Get billed for what you use (and not inaccurate estimates)

See your spend in real time with an In Home Device (IHD)

Identify and reduce unnecessary consumption to cut your costs

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Enlightening information

Smart meters are free, help you to cut your energy bills and can play a big role in helping to reduce your carbon footprint. We’re introducing them to our customers region by region. But when you take on any of Tonik Solar, Battery, or EV Charging, we'll install a smart meter for you too – giving you access to our smart tariffs. And the best bit… did we mention it’s free?

So, when can I get a Smart Meter?

We're rolling them out region by region to our members

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Smart Meters

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