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Solar Panels For Your Home

Energise your home with clean, green, solar energy. Your own energy that has been generated, thanks to our state of the art solar electricity panels for home. Our passion is to help our members become less reliant on the grid and split their energy bills. When you buy solar panels from Tonik, rest assured that our award-winning team of experts will install them to fit your home impeccably.

A Home in the Sun

We want to bring sunlight to all homes across the country. Whether you’re looking for small or large solar panels for homes, we can create a bespoke solar energy system in any size. All of our next-generation solar electricity panels are installed by our award-winning sister company, The Phoenix Works and their dedicated team of engineers, so our members can rest assured that they suit their homes perfectly.

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What are the benefits of having solar panels from Tonik?

Switch to solar power and reduce your reliance on grid energy prices. The energy you generate from the sun is clean and sustainable, helping to build a greener future. What you don't use in your home can be sold back to the grid or stored for later. Welcome to the clean energy revolution. We’ve listed a few of the biggest benefits of solar energy below.

Save big on your energy bills - see what you could save by using our simple and easy to use solar calculator.

Generate your own electricity - using a renewable energy source is great for the planet and you’ll never run out of energy.

Solar panels are extremely low maintenance - other than giving them a clean once or twice a year, your solar energy system will take care of itself.

Expert guidance - Tonik can advise which solar panels would be best for your home, and when you would like them installed. Once that’s sorted, our award-winning sister company, The Phoenix Works, will pop round to install your solar panels.

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The bell has been rung...

You may have heard how the government's Feed-in Tariff scheme ended on 31st March 2019. However, if you already have a solar PV system you will continue to receive FiT payments until your system is 20 years old. If you signed up during the early days of the FiT scheme, this could even be extended to 25 years. It’s worth noting that if you benefit from a micro Combined Heat and Power system (CHP) then payments will stop once the system is 10 years old. You should check your own paperwork for any specific terms and conditions relating to your Feed-in Tariff and its end date.



A home solar PV system could save around 2 tonnes of carbon per year

The Energy Savings Trust, January 2018

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