The Advantages and Benefits of Solar Panels

There are many advantages and benefits to solar panels - going solar can benefit your life in ways you may not have even considered. If you’re considering getting solar panels and want to be sure you make an informed decision, it’s important to understand the full potential of solar panels for your home. So, let’s run through the wide range of benefits available with solar power.


Advantages of solar panels

Renewable energy source

The Earth receives more solar energy in just one year than could ever be produced from all of our non-renewable energy sources put together! So it’s fair to say that the sun is definitely an inexhaustible energy source. In choosing to use solar panels, you’ll be taking advantage of a highly reliable energy source and supporting the further development of solar energy technology.

Reduced electricity bills

As of April 2019, estimates suggest that households could save up to £240 per year on their energy bills with solar. With energy prices expected to continue to rise year-on-year, the amount you save could even increase over time. Why not try out our solar calculator to see how much you could save?

Reduced carbon footprint

By choosing to invest in solar energy, you’ll not only be saving yourself cash but also dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll be less reliant on finite energy sources like coal, oil, and gas, which will have a positive impact on combatting the effects of climate change. Powering your home using solar energy means you can charge your electricals safe in the knowledge that you won’t be generating any harmful emissions.

Low maintenance

Solar panels themselves are actually surprisingly low maintenance once they’ve been fitted to a property. They just need to be relatively clean to function properly and will therefore only need to be cleaned roughly twice a year. Though, if you want to ensure maximum efficiency from your panels, you may wish to clean them more regularly. The cost of hiring someone to clean solar panels for you can be as little as £30, or if you choose to do it yourself then it’s completely free!

Improves the value of your home

Not only could solar panels save you money on your energy bills, but they could also increase the value of your home if you choose to sell the property. Having a solar PV system installed in your property can be very attractive to prospective buyers due to the savings it offers them on their future energy bills. 

Of course, this will depend on the preference of potential buyers though so while this will be a nice perk if it does happen, it’s worth noting that not all house prices will increase due to solar panels.

Easy installation

The process for installing solar panels is relatively simple, though you should still get a professional company to perform the installation. Before installing, some brief checks will be carried out to ensure that whether your home is suitable for solar panels. In the vast majority of cases, planning permission isn’t required to install solar panels. The whole process should take roughly 1-2 days, depending on the size of the installation. Learn more about Tonik Energy’s in-house installer, The Phoenix Works.

Store extra solar power in batteries

Using a battery storage system allows you to keep the excess electricity generated by your panels during the day, for use throughout low generation times such as in the evenings or overnight. Whilst before solar panel owners were able to sell excess power back to the grid using Feed-in Tariffs, this scheme has now ended. So it makes sense to make the solar power you generate stretch as far as you can. Tonik Energy’s recommended storage system is Tesla Powerwall, as it has a much larger capacity than other batteries and a lengthy warranty which will give you more value for money. These systems typically allow you to power your home using 100% solar energy.


Additional things to consider when going solar

Your local weather

The performance of your solar panels is pretty reliant on experiencing decent weather. Whilst energy will still be collected even on overcast or rainy conditions, the efficiency of solar panels is dependent on the amount of sunlight received. So it’s worth considering how best to position your panels for optimum solar panel efficiency, which an expert installer like The Phoenix Works will do for you!

Another benefit to solar panels is their robust nature. All panels undergo rigorous testing before reaching the market, and it is very rare that a solar PV system will be damaged by weather unless exposed to extreme conditions such as a lightning strike. So you can be confident that your panels will be able to withstand difficult conditions without being damaged.

Your type of roof

Most homes can be fitted with solar panels, and things like the pitch, direction, surface area, and structural integrity of a roof will affect where the panels can be safely installed. Learn more about solar panel suitability.


Ready to go solar?

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