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It's time for a new balance of power. Transform how you manage your energy needs with our home battery. It lets you store electricity – either overnight from the grid when prices are low, or from your solar panels – for use at the most expensive times of day. Now it's you who's in charge.

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Is your current energy draining?

As an energy supplier, we link solar power and home batteries in a way no one else can – passing the benefit back to our members.

Save up to 70% off your electricity bill in the first year when you pair your Tonik Battery with solar panels

Keep powering your home with solar energy even when it’s shining on the other side of the world

Top up your battery with cheap overnight energy to beat peak time pricing and shrink your bills

Purchase a battery at the same time as solar and you'll benefit from 5% VAT – rather than the standard 20%

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Don't lose sleep over peak energy prices

There's a reason why electricity is most expensive exactly when you need to use it. Energy costs spike at certain times of day when demand is high (like at dinner time).

Thankfully our battery technology helps you get around that. By using smart tariffs you access cheap overnight energy to charge the battery, that you can then use during more expensive peak hours.



Battery storage is a game-changer in our ability to produce clean power from renewables

Gareth Redmond-King, WWF, Head of Climate & Energy

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Join the clean energy movement – Tonik Battery coming soon!

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