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Our latest power move. Green energy is on a roll. By pairing our Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers with our smart tariffs and renewable electricity – we bring your charging costs down while making sure your electric vehicle charges with truly 100% renewable energy.

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Green, smart and forward thinking

Get a government OLEV grant of £500 to reduce the cost of your home charger to as little as £199

Completely cut out the carbon associated with charging your vehicle using our 100% renewable electricity

Reduce your running costs to as little as 2p per mile vs the typical 14p per mile to fuel a petrol car

Our EV charger is a convenient domestic device that's faster and safer than charging with a standard mains plug

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You'll clean up

By reducing vehicle charging costs, we're making electric cars more accessible and affordable. Our EV Chargers are compact, reliable, and fast. So you've got the green light.


EVs are already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel cars

Research from the University of Leeds, Dec 2017

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Let's get you moving

It couldn't be simpler to get your electric vehicle charging point and take advantage of the OLEV government grant.

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