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Green means go! Our Charge EV Tariff has been designed with electric vehicle drivers in mind - it's our greenest tariff available with some really cool added benefits. Want clean energy for your home, and your car? Welcome to the club.

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Our EV tariff, Charge EV, takes the blue print of our greenest available tariff - we’re talking 100% renewable electricity, 10% green gas and the remaining 90% gas is carbon offset - and included the benefits of our other tariffs such as no exit fees and 3% interest on account credits.

Rewarding people for choosing to be greener - that's being part of Team Tonik!

Charge EV - the tariff that rewards you for being even greener

Reduce your carbon footprint even further with our 1 year fixed tariff designed specifically for EV drivers

2500 EV miles

£40 discount off our EV chargers

Power your EV with 100% renewable electricity!

Got the EV tariff, now want the charger? Find out more about the Tonik EV charger! Get in touch with our EV Team on 0333 344 2686 (option 3) , or email us on

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